Arlo Essential Spotlight Security Camera Review

Arlo Essential Spotlight Security Camera Review

Arlo Essential Spotlight Outdoor Security Camera Review

Our Verdict – ⭐⭐⭐⭐

The Arlo Essential Spotlight Outdoor Security Camera is a wireless surveillance system capable of bringing a lot of security features to your office or hallway… If you are willing to pay the monthly fee.

Arlo is a trusted provider of security cameras and they often end up on lists as one of the best HD CCTV providers. But what about their more affordable products? Let’s find out!

The Arlo Essential Spotlight Outdoor Security Camera is wireless and directly connects to wi-fi. It is straightforward to use, even at night, which is why this product is loved by so many. This is a 3 camera kit and known to be one of the best 1080P HD security cameras of all time.

It also has 2-way audio with a 6-month battery life, and you can test this product out FOR FREE 90 days with its Arlo Secure Plan. It’s a white CCTV camera. Overall, this camera costs £289.50, which is a high amount of money, but it’s a high-quality camera and one of the best in the industry.

Specifications and Features

  • Video Quality: 1080P HD
  • Battery Life: 6 Months
  • Field of View: 130 Degree
  • Wireless
  • Works without Base Station
  • Colour Night Vision
  • Spotlight
  • Alarm Siren
  • Weather Resistant: -20C to -45C
  • Wifi bandwidth: 2.4 GHz wifi
  • Base Station required for local storage
  • Instant Notifications
  • 2-Way Audio
  • Simple Installation

The Arlo Essential Spotlight Camera is the newest product to the Arlo security camera range. This one really stands apart from the rest, because it has fewer specifications, however, because of this it has fewer limitations and is a lot more affordable to everyone.

Taking a look at Amazon Reviews, it has been rated by 1,212 buyers and over 58% of people give this product 5 stars. Overall, it scores 4.1 out of 5 stars, which we think is amazing. It gives enough for the price, but could it do better? We did test it out and here’s what we think.

We love how clear and simple the Arlo Essential Spotlight Outdoor Camera looks.


There are three steps to installation.

#1: You don’t need the Arlo Base Station for installation. You need to start by connecting directly to a 2.4Hz Wi-Fi network in the Arlo app.

#2: Find the sync button on the camera and scan the QR code on the app.

#3: Choose a surface and fix the mount. Fix it with 3 screws and ensure a strong Wi-Fi signal. You can then finally attach the camera to the mount. Using a thumbscrew fix the camera angle.

We really love that this security camera doesn’t need an Arlo base station for installation. This makes the process a lot cheaper because you don’t spend extra on another product like many brands want you to do. This also makes the installation process quicker.

We think that the Arlo app is well designed and easy to use. From other previously tested security cameras, we genuinely think this is one of the easiest ones to install. Our main issues with this camera start after the installation.

Arlo Service Plan

Unfortunately, this is the biggest disappointment about the product. Although it is cheaper than the other Arlo products, you don’t get lots of features without the Arlo Service Plan. Only when you purchase it, do you get things like enhanced visual security, advanced detection and verification, incident response, and additional peace of mind.

We do however appreciate that they’ve included a 3 month free trial for this service so you get enough time to test it out fully and decide whether it’s something you like. Once you finish the trial, you have to pay a monthly fee to unlock all features again.


As you can see, a single camera costs £2.79/mo which would not work with this product, unless you’re going to use only one camera (in that case, we suggest you buy a cheaper option on Amazon). We specifically chose this camera, because it includes three so we had to pick one of the unlimited camera options which cost £8.99/mo and £12.99/mo. The only difference between them was an extended warranty, therefore we think that the cheaper plan is better.

The Arlo Service Plan included visual security which was great because we could store videos on a cloud for up to 60-days, without losing resolution. We could go back and look at the footage if needed. We also have got some pets at home so the advanced detection feature was amazing. However, there are many security cameras that come with it, without us paying extra.

We also could get a replacement if somebody had stolen the camera. Knowing that many thieves go after security cameras, this feature did indeed give an added peace of mind. But whether you think all of this is worth the extra money, is your decision.


We do think that the camera is worth the price. Although it isn’t a cheap one, the performance was great even without the monthly plan. We were really impressed by its picture and audio quality, even though it’s only 1080P HD which is lower than some other products.

One would think that the quality would be bad, but we genuinely thought that this was one of the strong features, especially because it works so well even at night.

We really didn’t like the motion detection because of how limited it was. This simply did not fit our home as we have pets. We don’t think it’s worth paying the extra money. However, if you don’t have pets at home, this shouldn’t be a problem.

We don’t think the battery life was great. It wasn’t bad, however, it didn’t last us for 6 months. This was disappointing because we bought this expecting a long battery life.

When we had this issue, we decided to contact the Arlo customer service, however, it took weeks before we received the final answer. Seems like this is a bit more fit for US customers rather than the UK ones, which is where we are from. But we didn’t run into any problems with this camera, therefore this isn’t something you should worry too much about.



We really loved how simple the Arlo Essential Spotlight Camera design was. It was great to see that even though it is much cheaper than other Arlo products, they didn’t compromise on the design for this one. It looks similar to all the other Arlo products which is why we don’t think design is something you should be too concerned about. If you love Arlo as a whole, you’ll love this one too!

It’s designed to be small which is one of the many reasons why it’s so easy to install. While it looks amazing, the system also is perfectly designed, making it great for DIY installation. We definitely prefer cameras that look clean, which Arlo does really well.

It’s also designed to be weatherproof as it is an outdoor camera and we can confidently say that it passed the test. With the always-changing British weather, we think that this camera is a good investment if you want something that lasts for a long time.


Overall we think that this was a great purchase and recommend everyone to give it a try. If you don’t like it, you can always return it and try something else. If you’d like to give the extra features a chance, there’s a 3-month free trial, which gives you plenty of time to form an opinion.

As with any product, this one has got its bad and good points, however, we think it gives the value for its price.

Review for: Arlo Essential Spotlight Outdoor Camera

Use: 3 cam kit wireless surveillance system best for offices and hallways


Ease of use


Extremely easy to setup and use out of the box, all pre-paired which is a bonus




The initial cost is alright but let down by how you have to pay a monthly fee.




Tons of really useful features which are sadly locked behind a paywall

We liked

Easy setup


Clear design

We didn’t like

🚩 Monthly subscription

🚩 Battery life


Absolutely worth it if you’re looking for something simple that can be easily set up. This will be great if you don’t have much knowledge about security cameras as they can be DIY installed. We think that it works well without the plan, but you might be limited with some features. The night vision feature is absolutely amazing, and so it that it’s weatherproof.

Do CCTV Cameras Need Wi-Fi? Know Your Options!

Do CCTV Cameras Need Wi-Fi? Know Your Options!

Getting CCTV cameras has become a constant need, considering how the crime rate has increased negatively. No matter how big or small your house is, you should certainly consider having security cameras installed to protect your home and your belongings better.

Many different security cameras are sold in the market, all having various features and traits. Some also carry more features like Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) component, while others come with Wi-Fi functioning. This begs the question, do all security cameras need Wi-Fi to function properly?

Let’s jump into where more of that came from.

Do CCTV Cameras Need Wi-Fi?

The answer to that is no; they most certainly do not. We mean, many of them come with Wi-Fi. But that doesn’t mean they can’t function without it, or every camera NEEDS to have wireless internet to do its job well.

The basic job of a CCTV camera is to detect any motion or movement it doesn’t normally recognize and alarm the owners immediately.

The wireless internet connection sends notifications to the owner’s phone. If your camera isn’t connected to the internet, you won’t be able to view any messages or alerts the camera has sent you.

Apart from that, you won’t monitor the live footage. That’s primarily because the live footage is streamed through the internet connection; without it, it won’t detect the constant movement of the outside environment.


CCTV Cameras without Wi-Fi

As already established, CCTV cameras do not necessarily need Wi-Fi to carry out their main tasks. Thanks to technology, all sorts of technological items are produced into the market, suiting each owner’s individual needs.

Luckily, many CCTC cameras can be purchased that don’t need the internet to function. Such cameras are called IP Cameras.

These cameras have a memory card installed within them that records all the footage on the card. Later, owners can view the saved footage by extracting it out from the memory card.

Such cameras are very convenient to have as they self-record, and everything the camera captured can be easily viewed whenever the owner wants.

Spy Camera Mini Security Cam Wireless Hidden HD 1080P Small Surveillance Cameras Night Vision No WIFI Video Recorder Secret Outdoor SQ11 for Home/Car

Product Description
  • [Superior HD Quality] HD 1920*1080P or 1080*720P video resolution,12 Megapixels snapshot pictures resolution.Night vision mini spy camera supports capturing high definition pictures during night or dark environment,Support TV out,TV monitor video connection—One key to lock the video in case of emergent situation
  • [Easy To Use] Surveillance camera support maximum 32GB TF card memory storage. (Memory card not included)—System requirements: Mac OS x 10.3.6 above, Win 7, Win 8, Windows 2000 / XP / Vista
  • [Motion Detection Night Vision] Superior Motion Detection Mode that only records when detecting movement(Fully supports 1080P and 720P two formats),means it can save much storage space.Clear Night Vision mini spy camera with 6pcs IR LED lights allows for a clear display in low minimum illumination. Infrared lamp open:boot any standby mode, press and hold the ON/OFF 2 seconds under the red light flash 2 infrared night vision lamp open, can see video
  • [Super Mini Security Camera] The 1080P Mini Camera is versatile enough to be used as a typical indoor/outdoor security camera,a dash cam, baby monitor,or even a drone adaptable mini cam.One spy cam for any situation. What you need to know: The English Manual link:
  • [Advanced H.264 Photography Compression Technology] High capacity built in rechargeable lithium battery supports up to 30-100 minutes of video recording.While charging, the camera with TF card only support recording and cannot open other mode. Mini 1080P full HD Car DVR camera recorder—120 degree FOV secret camera provides you wide view—Support 10-17ft motion detection distance

Pros & Cons of CCTV Cameras without Wi-Fi

When technology is involved, it’s impossible for it not to come with its set of pros and cons.


The following are a few of the pros of cameras without Wi-Fi.

No Hacking

Where wireless internet (Wi-Fi) isn’t involved, there’s no chance for any hacker to get into the footage and change it as per their needs. The lack of an internet connection makes it impossible for hackers to get into the system and rig it.

Less Pricy

Cameras with the internet may have a higher subscription package or may come expensive overall. That isn’t the case with cameras without Wi-Fi. They’re simple and modest in their use. The best part? They’re highly pocket-friendly.

No Electricity Required

One more advantage of cameras without Wi-Fi is that they aren’t dependent on your home’s electricity. If the electricity is out on a particular day, your CCTV camera will continue to function, regardless of the lack of power.

Doesn’t Slow Down Bandwidth

The thing with cameras with the internet is they take up a lot of bandwidth which eventually slows it down. Since IP cameras don’t have internet connections, they don’t consume too much bandwidth. Hence, it’s left unaffected.


A few cons also exist with IP cameras. Let’s explore them one by one.

No Remote Options

IP cameras don’t come with the internet, so owners can’t access live footage remotely. They’ll have to depend on the SD card to view the footage later. If the memory card corrupts, all recorded data will be lost. Even if owners have a portable device, they still won’t be able to monitor the insides of their homes from the comfort of their smartphones.

No Alerts/Notifications

Since there’s no internet connection, owners won’t receive any notifications alarming them about an intrusion. Hence, they won’t know about breaking unless they go home and see for it themselves if they’re out.

No Cloud Data

The recorded footage is recorded on a storage card, yes. However, it’s never uploaded on cloud storage due to the lack of an active internet connection. This begs the question yet again, “what if the memory card becomes corrupted?”

Batteries Might Turn Obsolete

IP cameras run on batteries, which aren’t the most reliable. They can go weary after a certain time. Owners will have to keep recharging them or eventually replace them if they wear out. This is a consistent problem within all IP cameras.

FiveSky Hidden Camera Power Bank HD 1080P 5000mAh with 16GB Card -10 Hours Continuous Video Recording, Mini Security Wireless Camera-No WiFi Needed Nanny Camera

Product Description
  • 【Unique Design】This spy camera looks like just a power bank, but it is also a video recorder. The spy hidden camera have video resolution “1920 × 1080 pixels”, frame rate 30 fps, we have achieved high-resolution absolute beautiful video recording. This mini spy camera with Motion Detection/Night Vision/Gravity Sensing Function, and the combination makes the lens very hard to be noticed, great for travling, home security and office surveillance.
  • 【Easy to carry and use】Small size and large capacity,Simple operation, no wifi required. you can take it to record what you want at anywhere. 5000mAh large-capacity mobile phone battery, the charger can be charged at the same time as mobile phones and other digital products, and has a long shooting time. Please insert a memory card (not include) before using. Then long press the camera button to boot, one click to take a photo, long press to take videos.
  • 【Spy Camera Night Vision】This hidden camera with night vision function and can be used normally at night. During loop recording or motion detection recording, only need press the button “M” to turn on night vision. The newest upgraded night vision function has four F5 infrared lights as auxiliary lights for wider recording, the visible range is 3 meters in complete darkness, and the effect is better in low light conditions.
  • 【Mini Camera Gravity Sensor】The latest technology adopted, The video scene recorded by flipping the camera during recording is always upright and will not be upside down. It will be more convenient when recording video, there is no need to check the direction. Only 180° flip is supported.
  • 【Protect Family and Personal Property】 Our Nanny Camera Charger lets you keep an eye on your unfaithful partner, children, landlord, lodger, roommate, babysitters, nannies, caregivers, elderly parents, or employees at home, bedroom, hotel, hostel, work, office, hospital or anywhere else.

Viewing Recorded Footage without Wi-Fi on a PC

It might sound a bit impossible, but it isn’t at all. Owners can view their entire recorded footage on a computer; however, they’ll need the right equipment to do so.

The additional cables and wires required to view such footage on a PC wouldn’t require an active internet connection as you’ll be transferring the data from the CCTV camera to the PC. You’ll need the following:

  • Router
  • UTP Cables
  • Ethernet Cables
  • Power Adapters

Step # 1

The UTP cable would be used to connect the camera to the PC. The cable should have two ports that combine both devices.

Step # 2

Next, you’ll have to set up your camera’s IP address the same as your laptop. Both the devices should have the same IP address to transfer the data.

Step # 3

Open the camera’s web page and type the same IP address. Just when you do so, you’ll be able to start viewing the recorded footage that your camera captured.

wifi camera software-for-pc


With technology advancing more every year, everything’s possible. Any device without Wi-Fi wouldn’t seem adequate in today’s day and age. However, that isn’t entirely true given how security cameras without Wi-Fi also work to protect people’s homes and businesses.

CCTV cameras with Wi-Fi are just fancier versions of IP cameras. Neither is a bad purchase as both do the essential job of monitoring unwanted motions and movements. As long as the camera works fine, you shouldn’t be worried about connecting to Wi-Fi.

Should You Get a Burglar Alarm If You Have a Pet?

Should You Get a Burglar Alarm If You Have a Pet?

Here’s a little example, differentiating a regular PIR from a pet-friendly PIR:


Why Should You Get a Pet-Friendly Burglar Alarm?

Pets are restless; let’s all agree. No matter how good they are, it can be challenging to contain them. Even if you’ve trained them well, it’s unlikely that they won’t fidget around.

It’s like they make it their business to peep their noses into everything. They look very cute doing so, and there’s no denying that. But more often than not, they end up hurting themselves.

When you have a regular alarm system, they might go off over the smallest intrusion. Smallest, meaning your pets. Those alarms will then be triggered for no good reason, and it’ll probably scare your pets.

Also, if your alarms have any wires connected somewhere around, your pet can tangle itself into them, which is quite scary and dangerous.

Hence, it’s best if you get a pet-friendly burglar alarm. The pet-friendly burglar alarms won’t identify your pets as intruders and will work just fine whenever they’re around. So, you don’t have to be at crossroads, choosing between your home’s safety and your pets.

You can ensure your home’s safety and have as many pets as you want. Your pet-friendly household can stay protected with your pets intact.

Having burglar alarms installed in your homes is the smartest thing you can do, given how much the theft rate has increased.

These alarms help you protect your premises and immediately alert you if an intruder is trying to break in. The more robust your alarm is, the safer you’ll be.

However, if you have pets in the house, you should have a different burglar alarm. This is because pets often disturb the alarms, triggering them, which might scare them off.

So, if you’re a pet owner, your best option is to install pet-friendly burglar alarms. Let’s get into more detail regarding these pet-friendly burglar alarms.


How Do They Work?

Pet-friendly PIRs are made to function to ignore any pets walking around. The PIRs are basically motion sensors that sense body movement in the room and immediately send off an alert.

They work through thermal energy, detecting any environmental change through someone’s movement. For example, if the room’s empty, there won’t be any change in the room’s thermal environment. But the moment someone walks in, the motion sensor will acknowledge the change in thermal energy and trigger an alarm.

Yale AC-PETPIR Alarm Pet Friendly Motion Detector – Sync Smart Home Alarm -200 m range – Works with Alexa, The Google Assistant – Philips Hue [Energy Class B]

Product Description
  • TAMPER PROOF MOTION DETECTION: Triggers your alarm and notifies you immediately when motion is detected within the large, 12 meter, 110 degree range
  • SYNC ALARM PET FRIENDLY MOTION DETECTOR: The sensor will activate the alarm when movement over 25 kg is detected so you will not have false alarms with pets in the home; If it detects movement over 25 kg it will trigger your alarm and notify you immediately when motion is detected in your home
  • EASY TO SET UP & INSTALL: Link to your Yale Sync Smart Home Alarm straight out of the box, allowing you to customise your system with 40 accessories; Easy to install on walls & in corners with no tools required
  • EXTENSIVE 200 M WIRELESS RANGE: Protect your garage and outbuildings with our 200 m wire-free range
  • SECURE ENCRYPTION: The latest technology to make sure your home stays secure and protected
  • SMART ALERTS WITH THE YALE HOME APP: With the Yale Home App you have no monthly fees or subscriptions, you can arm, disarm, part-arm and check status of your alarm via the App; It’s the same for your connected accessories, you will know when someone is in your home with the motion detector or when the alarm is triggered with real-time notifications
  • SMART TOGETHER: Bringing you a new level of security with the ability to integrate with lights and voice assistants to enhance your security system

Do Pets Trigger Pet-Friendly Alarms?

Normally, they don’t. But some pets are a bit too fidgety than others. For example, cats who keep jumping on kitchen counters or big-sized dogs running around may automatically set off the alarm.

Pets will always be fidgety, and you can’t cage them for too long, so be prepared for the alarm sometimes to go off.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t install burglar alarms even if your pets keep running around. One thing you can do is ensure your pets don’t get out of control, so your pet-friendly PIRs will also stay managed.

Please do not think having pets is a barrier to getting burglar alarms around your house. If you still feel unsure about burglar alarms, there are options to explore.

YISEELE Security System, GSM Home Alarm System 17 Piece kit Wireless Burglar Alarm SMS/Calling LED Display Voice Prompt with Pet Immune PIR for House Office Business – Auto Dial External Siren

Product Description
  • 🔔 YISEELE alarm system is fit for apartments, condos and small businesses. Products include one alarm base station, 10 door sensors, oneanti-pet motion sensor, fourremote controls, and onewired siren. The system can expand to eightwired defence zones and 91 wireless defence zones
  • 🔔 No need network and no need telephone line. The security system can remotely control the alarm and remotely receive alarm information around the world as long as the 2G GSM sim card is installed (the product does not include the SIM card, which needs to be purchased separately). Also without the SIM card, it can still realize the on-site alarm function
  • 🔔 No need to sign a contract with a security company. Inserting the SIM card (SIM card needs to be purchased separately), you can set six groups of alarm-phone numbers and two groups of alarm-SMS numbers. If there are children and the elderly in the home, just press the emergency button on the remote control to trigger an alarm, other family members to get help in time
  • 🔔 YISEELE alarm base station has a built-in AAA Ni-Hi rechargeable battery. In emergencies such as power failure, it can continue to work for 5 hours. When the door/window sensor detects any forcible intrusion and the anti-pet motion sensor (pet immune 20KG) detects any suspicious movement or activity, when the wired siren will send out an alarm to notify family members and tell neighbors to prevent potential intruders
  • 🔔 YISEELE wireless alarm system has an English voice, an English manual, it is a DIY home security system. The entire system has been programmed with all accessories before leaving the factory, without reprogramming. Please read the user manual carefully before use. If you have any questions, please email us, our customer service is online for 24 hours

Other Options to Consider

If you think having pets is why you don’t feel comfortable about having burglar alarms, you can get a smart alarm instead. The way these smart alarms work is through PIR as well.

The camera PIR takes multiple snapshots in jpeg formats sent directly to your phone instead of triggering and buzzing for a good twenty minutes.

The buzzing drives everyone crazy, including you, your neighbors, and your pets. Another feature of smart alarms is they’re connected directly to your phone. So, you can easily arm or un-arm the smart alarms from the comfort of your home.

However, the catch is that they might cost slightly more than regular burglar alarms. So, if you’re willing to pay the price for your peace of mind, smart alarms are certainly for you.

AGSHome Smart Alarm, Home Security Alarm System, 8-piece Kit, Wireless, Smartphone Alert, No Contract, Featuring 1 Alarm Siren, 5 Door Window Sensors, 2 Remote Key Fobs, Working with Alexa

Product Description
  • 🚨 AGSHome SMART ALARM: A smart way to protect your house with AGSHome Wireless Home Security Alarm System. No contracts or SUBSCRIPTION FEE. 8-piece kit includes the 1 alarm siren station, 5 windows door sensors and 2 remote controls. The distance between the sensor and megnet had to less than 1 CM
  • 🚨 SIREN & APP NOTIFICATION: 120 decibel alarm siren helps deter intruder. Check in from anywhere in the world and receive real-time alerts and notifications when your alarm is triggered through your smart phone.
  • 🚨 COMPLETE ALARM CONTROL: Arm and disarm the AGSHome alarm remotely through the Smart Life APP, Key Fob, or Voice Control (Work with Alexa, Google Home, or Siri shortcut).
  • 🚨 EXPANDABLE SYSTEM: Design the perfect security system to suit your home. Add extra door and window sensors, motion sensors, keypads, water leak sensors, doorbell, etc. Supports expansion of up to 20 sensors and 5 key fobs or key pad controls to customize your alarm system.
  • 🚨 EASY SETUP & NETWORK: Pre-linked wireless accessories make installation fast and simple. Wi-Fi connection, Only works on 2.4GHz network, does NOT support 5GHz networks.

How to Choose Which Pet-Friendly Alarm to Install?

This depends on plenty of factors. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution that can be applied here, as every house is different. It also depends on how many pets are in the house. Here are a few factors that should be examined before deciding which alarm to install:

Size of the House

This is key to deciding the type of pet-friendly alarm to install. The size determines how many cameras need to be installed in the house. The more rooms present in the house, the more cameras the owner would need.

Type of Pet

Another factor that has to be considered is the kind of pet you have. If you have a big dog, you’ll need to get an alarm that has specific motion sensors within it. Also, the number of pets determines which alarm you should get.

Final Verdict: Should You Get Burglar Alarms If You Have Pets?

You can certainly get a burglar alarm even though you have a pet. All you need is a pet-friendly burglar alarm, and before you worry that it might be more costly, we’re happy to tell you that it won’t.

They’re just like normal alarms except for their motion sensors. So, no matter how many pets you have, you can still protect your home by getting adequate burglar alarms. If you haven’t done so yet, we’ll suggest you get on it immediately.

The 5 Best Security Cameras for a Construction Site in 2022

The 5 Best Security Cameras for a Construction Site in 2022

There needs to be a lot of security on construction sites, as they’re highly prone to incidences of theft. The construction industry loses millions of dollars each year due to stolen, expensive equipment. The only solution to prevent this is installing security cameras on construction sites.

The market is full of great security cameras that one can get to make premises more secure. These security cameras aren’t just a precaution anymore but a necessity. You should find a suitable security camera for a construction site with adequate information.

Let’s analyse each security camera by zooming in on its features, specifications, and prices.

1. Videofied

Videofied is one of the best security solutions out there as it provides clear footage of what is happening around the site. Videofied comes with adequate hardware & software and will provide you with a steady internet connection.

This will work particularly well for construction sites with no internet connection. Most construction sites don’t have an internet connection as they are located in a remote area with few signals; hence, Videofied will be a good option.

Installing it is easy as you can set it up directly after taking them out of the box. Other features include wireless monitoring; you no longer need long cables or wires, as Videofied runs on batteries.

You can download the Videofied app and monitor your site surveillance conveniently, checking who is entering and exiting. If any intrusion is detected, it will directly notify your device, making you aware of the anomaly.

Security Camera Outdoor,Wansview 1080P Pan-Tilt Surveillance Waterproof WiFi Camera,Night Vision, 2-Way Audio,Motion Detection,SD Card Storage& Cloud Storage and Works with Alexa W9

Product Description
  • 【1080P FHD &PTZ Coverage 】 High resolution images in 1080P resolution ,wide-angle lens combined with 350°vertical rotation range to help you view every angle of your house clearly. Powered by USB cable and this wifi camera only works with 2.4GHz WIFI band.
  • 【Infrared Clear Night Vision & IP65 Waterproof】Wansview security camera outdoor is equipped with 12pcs 850nm infrared LED lights, which switch to the smart night vision mode up to 50 feet. Intelligent IR-cut ensure see everything in any dark environment in real-time. IP65 waterproof feature is the best choice for outside use, allows you to keep monitoring in extreme environments no matter in storm and snowy weather.
  • 【Smart motion detection and Two-way Audio】Outdoor Security Camera adopted motion sensors to detect motion and sends alerts come with 10s video to your phone, Detection area and sensitivity can also be customized on Wansview Cloud APP to focus on the zone you want. Built-in microphone and speaker allow you to communicate with your lover no matter where you are.
  • 【Optional SD Card & Cloud Storages】SD card and Cloud Storage are optional choices for the user to save the recorded video. Micro SD card storage up to 128GB Video and image can be stored to SD card for preview. The user also could save and upload the videos to the Cloud storage by subscribing the paid Cloud service. No need to worry about this home security camera be stolen or destroyed.
  • 【Multiple Family Members Sharing and Works with Alexa 】Be able to share your security camera up to 4 users to access and view video simultaneously with invitation link on APP. Wansview surveillance camera allows linking Alexa Echo Show, you can request to display a live video of the camera through voice control.

2. Axis

Another security camera making waves is Axis. Its technology makes for a great security solution, and remote areas such as construction sites are the best places to install it (burglar alarms are another great option, check out our blog for more ideas!).

A feature that separates Axis from the rest is its technology and different camera types. For example, the Cross Line technology allows the detection of any unknown intrusion and instantly signals the owner by sending an alert to their device. You may think of it as a virtual tripwire across the entire construction site.

This technology allows you to save up a lot of storage as it only records when there’s an intrusion. Another feature that makes Axis beneficial is its durability. They can survive in harsh conditions, making dust storms, rain, and other weather issues not a problem. Axis also comes with PTZ cameras that enable the pan, tilt, and zoom options, which can aid in surveilling a specific area on the site.

Sinis 1080P CCTV TVI Camera,2.8-12mm Varifocus Lens,35m IR Distance 30 LEDs,3-Axis Inside Bracket Outdoor IP68 Waterproof, 2MP Security Vandal Dome Camera white default tvi

Product Description
  • Full HD 1080P TVI CCTV Camera For Security System( TVI Default Output)
  • High Resolution Security Camera: 2 Megapixel Varifocal Dome Security Camera Create Great High Performance CMOS With 1920*1080P
  • High Quality Len:2.8-12mm Varifocal Lens True 2 Mega Pixel Lens, We Purchaseing This Lens From China Best Len Factory-RICOM
  • IR Night Vision: 35 Powerful IR-LEDs For Night Vision Up To 75ft,Vandal-proof and Weather-proof,IP66, and Long Distance Transmit Range Up To 984ft. Camera Power Supply and Coaxial Video Cable Not Included And Must Be Purchased Separately
  • 3-Axis inside bracket,easy for viewing angle adjusting


Forward-Looking Infrared, or most commonly known as FLIR, is a unique security camera that works by using thermal heat mapping for efficient surveillance on a construction site. They work best on construction sites that require high-quality supervision and all kinds of conditions.

The thermal mapping technology works particularly well in FLIR cameras; it scans an image of a person by mapping their body heat and then gives a concise picture on the surveilling monitor.

FLIR is also pretty durable, surviving terrible weather conditions and giving you high-quality results. Apart from video surveilling, FLIR also troubleshoots if there’s any other issue on the site. Issues such as a gas leak, a fire, equipment overload, etc.

FLIR also comes with a Video Management System (VMS) that allows you to manage and store your video surveillance, just under one software. FLIR VMS also enables you to run video analytics on your surveillance footage and track every movement on your construction site.

FLIR C233EDP Outdoor 4-in-1 Security Eyeball Dome Camera, 2.1 MP HD Fixed WDR MPX, 3.6mm, 21m Night Vision, Works with AHD/CVI/TVI/CVBS/Lorex, Flir, Dahua MPX DVR, White (Camera Only)

Product Description
  • Picture Quality: The FLIR 2.1 MP HD Fixed WDR Dome MPX cameras use the latest HDCVI technology and True WDR to deliver excellent 1080p picture quality over coax cabling in any lighting condition. 2.1MP HD, 1080p @ 25/30 FPS, 1/2.8″ CMOS, 3.6mm lens, 70ft / 21m IR
  • Easy Installation: Upgrade to HD without the expense of re-cabling. Dual BNC output – MPX 1080p and 960 Analog. Wall / Ceiling mountable.
  • Weatherproof: IP66 weatherproof rated housings. -22F (-30C) Cold Climate Capable
  • Compatibility: Works with Lorex, Flir, Dahua, and other standard CCTV recorders, can connect directly to a monitor/TV that has AV or BNC input without a recorder. This camera has 2 output cables. The green is MPX output cable, and the yellow is Analog output cable.
  • Includes:Only camera and mounting kit are included in the package. The power adapter and BNC cable are not included.

4. Rhombus Systems

Rhombus Systems has a security camera line that works through a modern and intelligent cloud-based framework. They further work well with the Internet of Things (IoT), Intelligent PoE and contain time-lapse capabilities. These features make Rhombus Systems a good investment for your construction site.

Rhombus Systems have a unified platform that allows you to manage all areas of your construction site through any device. You don’t have to switch between different cameras to look at your surveillance.

The unified interface makes managing the surveillance footage more effortless than ever. These security cameras also work really well with low bandwidth consumption, which is especially great for construction sites with fewer signals that don’t have many resources.

Rhombus is also complacent with IoT Tracking. The IoT allows better productivity by helping you manage other tasks on your construction site. Managing deliveries, tracking, and storing them is possible due to IoT, making it easier to keep track of anything stolen.

Ring Stick Up Cam Battery by Amazon | HD security camera with Two-Way Talk, Works with Alexa | With 30-day free trial of Ring Protect Plan | White

Product Description
  • See, hear and speak to people and pets from your phone, tablet or select Echo device with Stick Up Cam Battery, a battery-powered camera that can be mounted anywhere, indoors or outdoors.
  • With Live View, you can check on your home any time through the Ring app.
  • Get notifications whenever motion is detected by adjusting your Motion Detection settings.
  • Place it anywhere: indoors or outdoors, on flat surfaces or mount it to a wall.
  • Watch over your entire home by connecting one or multiple Stick Up Cams to all of your Ring devices in the Ring app.
  • Easily set up your Stick Up Cam in just a few minutes.
  • Powered by a quick-release removable battery pack.
  • Standard features such as instant notifications, live view and two-way talk are available out of the box and for free on all Ring devices. Add a Ring Protect Plan (subscription sold separately) to record, review and share the moment you missed (30-day free trial included in your purchase).

5. Verkada

Verkada gives continuous insights into your construction site with a natural, modernly robust, and specification-rich interface. With a Verkada surveillance camera framework, clients can helpfully deal with all security gadgets and business areas from one online platform.

Because of Verkada’s persistent turns of events, you can be confident your construction site is secured with a highly advanced security camera. Verkada’s innovative cloud-based features let you download the surveillance footage and view it later.

The Hybrid-cloud infrastructure further allows for constant monitoring, even if the construction site is located in a remotely distant area. The problem with construction sites is that there aren’t many security cameras to aid in their protection, since they’re too far. However, with Verkada, that isn’t the case.

No matter how resource-rich the construction site, Verkanda will do a spectacular job monitoring any intrusion and immediately alerting the people in charge. With Verkada, you can view the live and recorded footage, maps, floor plans, and more whenever and wherever you want.

COOAU Wireless Security Camera Outdoor, Lager Capacity 15000mAh Rechargeable Battery Powered Home WiFi CCTV Surveillance, PIR Human Motion Detection, Infrared Night Vision, IP65 Waterproof

Product Description
  • 🔋【Upgraded 15000mAh Battery and 100% Wire-Free】 COOAU wireless security camera comes with larger 15000mA batteries, larger than 95% of the camera batteries on the market. Without the hassle of wires, you can easily install it wherever you want. (Note: Please charge it fully before using it for the first time. Frequent triggers may cause excessive power consumption. Please use it correctly according to the instructions.)
  • 📶【Enhanced 4dBi Wi-Fi Connection & IP65 Weatherproof】Applying two external 4dBi antennas, the outdoor security camera brings better and more stable signal connection. (only work with 2.4Ghz, 5Ghz is not supported). This wireless outdoor cctv camera boasts a durable and tight structure that is IP65 weatherproof for years of reliable outdoor use, even in harsh weather conditions.
  • 🏃【PIR Human Motion Detection & Instant Phone Notifications】Applying optimized AI human detection and advanced SONY 1/3CMOS sensor, COOAU home security camera enhances human-like recognition to reduce 68% false alarms, such as cars, rain, fallen leaves, etc. The alerts will be pushed to your phone in no time once detecting a uninvited guest.(Notice:When humanoid detection is turned on, non-human objects will not alarm, but they will still be triggered and recorded for safety.)
  • 📱【1080P FHD View & Infrared Night Vision】 COOAU wireless security camera delivers sharp and crisp Full HD 1080P images which show you the face of people, the road signs, plates and so on clearly. Built-in 4 infrared LED lights will automatically turn on for light compensation when the light gets weaker, allowing you to monitor your property and house clearly at night.
  • 🔊【Built-in Intercom and Two-way Storage】This battery security camera has built-in speaker and microphone for two-way communication. Just hold the Intercom button to communicate with your family members, pets, and delivery man in real time, and warn home intruders. You can either use a 32G to 128G SD card, or encrypted cloud storage service(7-day free trial) to store videos.


These cameras provide high-quality monitoring and surveilling for the construction site and prevent any unwanted intrusions. If someone tries to trespass or break-in, such cameras instantly notify the people in charge. The security cameras’ analytics make it much easier for the construction site to stay protected.

So, if you want your construction site to remain secure from any theft and robbery, you must employ one of these security cameras on your construction site. Failure to do so will result in expensive equipment being stolen and sold on the black market, which will lead to a loss of millions of dollars.

The Best Burglar Alarms for Construction Sites in 2022

The Best Burglar Alarms for Construction Sites in 2022

Theft and burglary happen everywhere – it’s not just people’s homes or other public places. Some of the most common places where criminals set their eyes are construction sites. Plant theft has been increasing day by day; trespassing at a construction site is much easier than breaking into someone elses home.

Construction sites are known to have many assets with great re-sale value. The lack of security systems at construction sites encourages such burglars even more. They mostly rob these sites to get their hands on the expensive equipment, machinery, surveillance equipment, tools and sell them internationally at a higher price.

Here’s how a construction site can be protected by installing the best burglar systems:

Security Guards

Security guards act as your burglar alarm. They are constantly mindful of what activity happens on the site. Such guards also have the equipment (guns, for example) to protect the site from being trespassed.

It certainly is a tough job to guard a construction site throughout the night; however, also necessary as the site has to be protected one way or another. As long as these security guards make sure no burglar can enter and steal away what they came for – the construction site is going to be secure.


Perimeter Fencing

This solution is considered one of the best burglar systems. Perimeter fencing isn’t just installed to protect the site from robbers, but also to protect all the employees who work there. It’s done to make everybody present on the construction site aware of a certain hazardous “no trespassing” area that isn’t to be crossed for people’s safety and well-being.

Furthermore, it also comes in handy when protecting the site from burglars. Wireless security systems will alert the people in charge if anyone crosses that boundary, making them aware of trespassers on the site.


Contractor Surveillance

A construction site has many people working in different areas. One of the employees or contractors who knows everything about the site inside out may also turn out to be a criminal. Therefore, it’s best to install CCTV cameras everywhere around the whole site.

A better idea would be to install hidden cameras at places not everyone knows about. One of the many advantages of new, more modern security cameras is that they have recorded footage that can be viewed later.

Hence, ensure to record footage throughout the entire working day, and watch it later to see if anything was off about a certain contractor.


High Lighting

A construction site is a work-in-progress. Such a place would need sharp lights everywhere throughout the site, not just for employees to work properly, but also to help identify criminals who may trespass. When there’s a lot of lighting around the site, along with high-definition cameras, it’ll be much easier for you to know who had crossed the boundary that alerted you.

You may have often seen that construction sites, especially where huge holes are dug, contain gigantic lighting systems that help workers work more efficiently. These lights can also act as barriers for burglars to trespass, as they won’t be able to sneak in.


Monitoring Stations

When you have CCTV cameras everywhere around the construction site, you should also have a monitoring station not too far away. It shouldn’t be as close for people (potential burglars) to know about it, as it’ll alert them, and they will strategize accordingly.

But you should have a station set up that lets you monitor all activity that happens throughout the day. The monitoring station should have infrared signals connected to the wireless camera to help you with image-viewing and recording footage. Such monitoring stations can be a great help in protecting the construction site from any theft.


Verified Video Alarms

Verified Video Alarms can come in handy to detect any illegal activity. These alarms capture any movement or activity and record a ten-second clip automatically sent to a monitoring station. Yes, the video alarms can also be triggered falsely, meaning there may not necessarily be a trespass.

However, they’re still pretty beneficial to have as burglars don’t come announced. These verified video alarms instantly alert the security whenever there’s any such activity. Having these alarms spread out over the entire construction site would indeed be a good idea.

EZVIZ BC1 Add-on Security Camera Outdoor Wireless, 365 Days of Battery Life, Waterproof, Colour Night Vision, PIR Motion Detection, Siren & Flash Alarm, Two-way Audio, Cloud/SD Storage Option

Product Description
  • Up to 365 Days Security from 1 Charge – Equipped with a massive rechargeable battery, the BC1 can last up to a year on a full battery charge. This add on camera could not be used alone and it needs to work with hub.
  • Colour Night Vision – With built-in spotlights and sensors, the BC1 can render vivid colour images even in pitch black darkness. This allows you to see the crucial details. With the EZVIZ app, you can hear and see what’s going on and chat with your visitors.
  • PIR Movement Detection – Incorporating a PIR sensor and person shape detection AI algorithm, the BC1 camera is smart enough to distinguish people from other moving objects, triggers a siren and flashes two spotlights to let them know they are detected.
  • IP66 Waterproof – With a full metal housing and IP66 rating, the camera can withstand rainy, sunny, stormy and even snowy days.
  • Optional Storage: The base station comes with SD card slot(support up to 256G). Or try EZVIZ Cloud with 1-week FREE trial. BC1 uses the latest H.265 video compression technology, it makes the video clearer and smoother while half saving the need for data storage space and bandwidth. All data is stored locally in UK with band-level security.

Concrete Blocks

Building destinations can regularly possess enormous, open land spaces with numerous passageways, and these can be hard to shield from undesirable interlopers and fly-tippers specifically.

To support your building site security, substantial boundary blocks are an ideal and adaptable tool that empowers enormous edges to be completely ensured with a coextensive, actual obstruction or secure a little passageway, for example, between trees on the edge of streets.

The substantial obstructions can be utilized to limit vehicle access, forestalling criminals who might utilize vehicles to move taken merchandise. Fly-tipping is also a significant issue on open land or vacant land. When a site is in the beginning phases of advancement, your building site shouldn’t be left unattended for longer periods.

The construction industry loses billions of dollars every year due to theft and robbery.

The equipment found on a construction site can be valuable, which robbers can sell to international markets to earn profits. Hence, securing a construction site has become more of a need than a want to avoid losing so much money.

Furthermore, construction sites are also easier to trespass because they’re mostly in the outskirts of a city where there isn’t much population. That side of the city is mostly isolated, decreasing the chances of burglars being caught.



If strong measures were taken to secure construction sites, burglars and robbers could be prevented from trespassing. Securing a construction site certainly incurs many costs. Mainly due to the size of the site, as there will have to be plenty of cameras and other surveillance tools installed in every corner of the size. However, those costs will definitely be lower than the cost of being robbed.