Retail stores are the most-visited stores, containing all the goodies one can use. This is one of the significant reasons robbers set their sights on them, as there are many valuables to take. However, you can prevent all of that if you install a burglar right away and protect your valuable inventory for as long as you can.

Let’s explore a few of the best burglar alarms in the market as of now.


SimpliSafe has been very helpful for retail stores as these burglar alarms do the job right. They’re easy to install, and you can pretty much do it yourself. However, if you’re not comfortable doing so, you can always schedule a professional installation. But that will come at the cost of $79. Moreover, you get features like:

  • Smart locks
  • Smart lights
  • Smoke detectors

If the system experiences a problem, you can always claim an exchange or a refund since it comes with a three-year warranty. If you want a free-of-cost subscription plan, you’ll have to monitor everything yourself.

However, by paying $14.99 every month, you’ll get more services, such as automatically informing the cops about the intrusion and sending them your way in case of a dire emergency.

An additional benefit is that if you pay $10 extra, the police response will be more enhanced as there will be video verification to catch such intrusion. SimpliSafe accesses the cameras and operates much better to work with the police to prevent such unfortunate events. All in all, SimpliSafe is a pretty helpful burglar alarm to install to protect your retail store.

SimpliSafe 13 Piece Wireless Home Alarm System (3rd Generation) with Motion Sensor, HD Security Camera and Outdoor Siren – Home Security Systems with Optional Monitoring and No Contracts

Product Description
  • The 13 piece SimpliSafe System is ideal for larger households – includes Base Station, Keypad, SimpliCam, 3 Entry Sensors, 2 Motion Sensors, Glass Break Sensor, 105db Wireless Siren, Panic Button and 2 Key Fobs, plus a free window decal for an extra deterrent. Need additional sensors? You can integrate extra SimpliSafe components at any time to customise your system to your home.
  • Easy DIY installation – no drilling, wiring or professional installer required. Ready to protect you, your family and your possessions in minutes.
  • Pet friendly for both dogs and cats – with precision engineered sensors to detect the unique heat signature of human intruders.
  • You’re always protected – smash proof, power cut proof and with 4G data back up in case of wifi outage, SimpliSafe safeguards have you covered.
  • Optional, no contract, 24/7 professional monitoring for complete peace of mind – plans start from 43p/day and for full functionality our Pro Premium plan is only 66p/day. Use of app features also requires a subscription. Plans sold separately.


ADT is your solution if you’re looking for a robust burglar alarm system. It offers all the features a burglar alarm should have, such as:

  • Glass detectors
  • Motion sensors
  • Security cameras.

ADT will ensure the safety of your retail store, protecting it from any unwanted intruders. It’s a pretty commercial burglar alarm system, and if you want friendly discounts, we’ll suggest you call as early as possible to get an early bird discount on the installation. Rest assured that ADT will prove the best robust cellular burglar system whenever you do so.

Moreover, please do not fret about its efficiency, as customers get an extended trial run until they can satisfy themselves with its working. Hence, at any moment, if you feel unsure about it, you can stop using its services. However, it won’t come to that. ADT’s additional features include environmental sensors that alert owners whenever it changes the environment.

Business surveillance for owners to view footage regarding entries and exits of people. ADT has become highly convenient since it comes with a mobile app downloaded on Apple and Android. Owners can now view all footage whenever and wherever they want from the comfort of their smartphones.



Another great choice to have is Vivint. It comes in super handy to ensure everything at the retail store remains intact. It protects the inventory, helping retail owners to store their material safely. Vivint is the best burglar alarm to have if employee protection is your priority. It offers 24/7 professional monitoring with cutting-edge technology that prevents unwanted intrusions.

Vivint comes with a remote-control technology that allows you to operate the camera, lock, and lights with just a click and from afar. Moreover, it has a mobile app for Android and Apple, allowing owners to view surveillance from their phones at any given time.

Vivint should be your go-to when looking for a stable and robust burglar alarm system. The equipment comes packed with features that outshine its competitors. It’s known to be the best alarm system to have when an emergency strikes.

Vivint automatically alerts the authorities when there’s an intrusion. Along with the police, it alerts paramedics and firefighters, given the situation’s intensity.

Vivint also has a person detection feature, immediately notifying the user about a new entry. Its video quality and artificial intelligence features are excellent, giving complete information regarding any break-in to the owner. Investing in Vivint is, hence, a wise choice.



Frontpoint is another remarkable burglar alarm that prioritizes safety before anything else. Suppose you’re looking for a burglar alarm to protect your business premises (whether small or medium); Frontpoint is your go-to device.

Frontpoint’s most enormous pride is in their customer service since they manage to win their clients over through their excellent service. Another reason for investing in Frontpoint is that it ensures the protection of the whole environment (not just your retail store). It does so by passing out Z-Wave hubs that do a brilliant job of monitoring the premises professionally.

The Z-Wave hubs work wonders as they operate efficiently, immediately triggering an alarm if it senses an unusual change in the environment. The remarkable change refers to any sudden intrusion that Frontpoint does its best to prevent by alerting the owner and the authorities.

Frontpoint only has one plan, so you get all the features by paying just $49 a month. Hence, you don’t have to worry about spending plenty of money on different subscription packages to acquire additional services. All of its benefits come under one package, which is quite affordable.


Final Word: Importance of Getting a Burglar Alarm

Protecting a retail store takes a lot more effort than you can imagine. You’ll have to put in constant work as a retail store owner to ensure your store remains safe. Since the burglary isn’t decreasing anytime soon, the least you can do is immediately have a burglar alarm installed so that you can protect what’s yours.

You can only discourage burglars by letting them know you have a device that can prevent them from breaking in and that you’re not afraid to use the evidence to have them caught.

All burglar alarms mentioned above work wonders for safety and protection. Hence, you shouldn’t delay installing one right away. The sooner you have your retail store rigged with burglar alarms, the more peaceful you’ll sleep at night, knowing your precious store is protected.

No matter the time of day, a considerable burglar alarm will constantly monitor your premises, ensuring nothing terrible happens at the site.