A burglar alarm is a system designed to detect intrusion into a building, by detecting an unauthorized entry.

It allows the owner of the property or facility time to assess whether they need to call for help and in some cases can scare off intruders with loud sirens.

Burglaries are often crimes of opportunity as thieves will take advantage of unlocked doors or windows that give them quick entrance and access to valuables within minutes.

Having burglar alarms fitted can deter opportunist burglars from targeting your home because it increases their risk if caught red-handed with items; therefore lowering your chances of becoming a victim by up to 80%.

Burglar alarms cost on average between £100-£200 per installed device – this price varies dependent on the system you choose, the number of doors and windows that need burglar alarms fitted as well as your home location.

The price increases if you add in additional features such as remote control operation, window decals to warn burglars off and even monitored services with emergency call centre access for help upon break-in.

Burglary is a crime on the increase so it’s important to take action now by investing in burglar alarm systems so as to prevent any future break-ins.

Different types of burglar alarms

There are different types of burglar alarms, these being; Interior, Exterior, Motion Sensors and Wifi with subtypes in here determining if they are wired or wireless.

Exterior Burglar Alarms

Price range: £150+

Exterior burglar alarms can withstand multiple different forms of weather and as a result, are more expensive to buy.

However, they are also able to provide a more complete security solution due to the fact that they are outside the premise and as such can warn you before any intruders get in.

Interior Burglar Alarms

Price range: £50+

Interior burglar alarms are able to be placed on windows and doors, they also have a keypad so you can change the code in case it gets stolen or out of date.

These cost less than exterior burglar alarms but still need batteries which is something to keep in mind when thinking about what kind of burglar alarm will suit your home best.

Motion Sensor Burglar Alarms

Price range: £20+

These burglar alarms are great if you have a garden or an outbuilding. These burglar alarm systems can be placed near the doors and windows so they work very well for those with large homes or gardens to cover.

Additionally, these burglars alarms oftentimes do not need batteries which is another cost-saving feature that comes in handy when installing this type of security system.

Wifi Burglar Alarms

Price range: £50+

These burglar alarms are great for those of you who have a smartphone. These burglar alarm systems can be connected wirelessly to your wifi and when someone breaks into your home the burglar alarm will alert your smartphone so that you know what is going on at all times.

Additionally, these burglars alarms often do not need batteries which saves money in the long run as well.

Burglar Alarm Installation Costs

Above we discussed what the prices would be for purchasing a burglar alarm off of a retailer and installing it yourself, there is another way to go about this and it is by getting a professional company or tradesperson to install it for you.

If you are installing a monitored alarm system, i.e. something that has a direct line through to a security company or police service, then you need to get this professionally installed into your house. These can run a pretty penny and have been known to cost a good amount plus a monthly or yearly fee on top to keep the surveillance up.

According to Household Quotes – “A typical monitored alarm system costs between £100 and £200 for installation (one burglar alarm panel, two sensors, a keyfob to turn the alarm off and on, and a window/door contact) and between £15 and £45 a month for monitoring.”

On top of this, if you want to make sure your monitored burglar alarm is connected to the local police force then you would be looking at a much higher initial cost, somewhere between the £300 and £700 range for installation.

Burglar alarms are a great way to help protect your home and keep your personal property from being stolen.

The cost of burglar alarm systems vary, but the benefits they provide can be priceless for those who do not have them installed or want additional security features.

We recommend that you install an inexpensive system first if possible before considering more expensive options like wireless ones.

This will allow you to see how much value it provides in protecting your business and property without spending too much money upfront on something that may not work out as well as expected.

Have any recommendations about which types of burglar alarms might work best? Let me know!