How you set up your burglar alarm will depend on the type of alarm you’ve got. For most, you’ll either have to manually set them up every night or you can programme them to fit your needs. Usually, the process is similar for all burglar alarms. Here are the steps for setting it up manually:

  1. Ensure all of the doors and windows are locked so that when somebody tries to break-in, the alarm can be triggered
  2. Next, you will have to type the security code into your alarm
  3. Finally, find the ‘instant’ button and press it. If it beeps 3 times and there is a red LED light, that means the alarm is set up

That’s it. It’s really that simple. Only 3 steps! However, we also know how frustrating it can be to not know how to do something so important, therefore we’ve spent some time looking into how a burglar alarm is set up at night and put together an article for you to follow along.

How does the night setting on burglar alarms work?

It allows you to programme your burglar alarm to work exactly the way you want it to work. This is perfect because we all have different needs.

For example, if you have pets at home, you might want to turn off motion sensors in that specific room where they are sleeping and keep them on for the rest of the house.

You also wouldn’t want the burglar alarm to go off at night when going to the restroom so the night setting allows you to adjust it. This makes burglar alarms really flexible for any situation and environment.

However, keep in mind that you still need to keep the shock sensors on, but this is something you can programme in the settings so there is no need to worry.

going-to-the-restroom-at night

How important is it to set a burglar alarm at night?

It’s important to set a burglar alarm at night and we could not recommend it more! This not only keeps you safe when you are the most vulnerable to burglars but also shows insurance companies that you had protection in place.

This means that you will be allowed to make a claim. If you failed to set up your burglar alarm at night when an incident happened, you might not be able to get help.

We are also aware that some nights people want to go out. This may mean that your house is empty and open to opportunists. However, this can be prevented by turning on your burglar alarm at night.

We also know that it can be easy to forget to do this when you’re having fun, which is why programming your alarm to do this every night is even more important.

Not to mention most burglaries do happen during the nighttime. If the thief decides to break in while you are sleeping, the ringing burglar alarm will scare them away, but if not, the authorities and your neighbours will be notified, and you will be able to save your valuables.


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Burglar alarm going off at night

Your burglar alarm might be going off at night for many different reasons. We don’t think you should assume that there aren’t any intruders.

Instead, check your burglar alarm app and your CCTV camera footage if you’ve got one. If you notice somebody suspicious, don’t waste your time. Phone the police and get in touch with other people. Staying alone can be dangerous.

However, in some circumstances, the ringing alarm may be false. This could be because the alarm itself is damaged or of bad quality. But sometimes it can be as simple as your pet triggering the alarm.

This is because some standard detectors can’t identify animals. In this case, you would need to change them to pet detectors. And as mentioned previously, you need to adjust your night settings to meet these specific needs.

What to do if my pets keep triggering the alarm at night?

The first thing we suggest is that you ensure your burglar alarm has pet motion detectors. Some standard ones don’t have this feature; therefore, you may need to buy them separately.

The second thing we suggest is checking your night settings if your alarm system has it. You could remove the motion sensors where your pets are sleeping but keep the shock ones on.

Many people choose not to install a burglar alarm because they think it’s not possible with pets at home. However, this is a misconception. Don’t risk your safety because of it!

What can cause false alarms at night?

  • Pets: your sensors should be capable of detecting animals, otherwise your pets can easily trigger the alarm and wake you up
  • Low batteries: this is a common one. Usually, the app for your burglar alarm will notify you when you need battery changing so keep an eye out for that
  • Poor installation: sometimes we simply install an alarm in the wrong place. This means that even a slight change in temperature can trigger it. I also know that some systems are hard to install, therefore you may want to ask a professional for help
  • Insects: Bugs in the system could be causing false alarms, therefore it’s important you check it once in a while
  • Old system: maybe it’s time to get a new burglar alarm system?
  • Storms: there might be some natural causes for fake alarms such as storms. This isn’t something you can prevent unless you buy a smart alarm system

You can find more tips in another article we’ve written for those who want to protect their home from burglars, check it out!


    We hope this article has been helpful! More and more people are realising the importance of security systems such as burglar alarms and CCTV cameras.

    However, not many know how to optimise their usefulness. Hence why people are looking for help online on how to set burglar alarms at night. Sometimes this information isn’t clearly displayed.

    We know that most burglaries tend to happen at night, that being the main reason for setting up the alarm at this time. However, there are some other reasons like insurance claims.

    The night setting most burglar alarms have is the perfect solution. You can prevent your pets from causing false alarm ringing.

    But while you can prevent reasons like that, sometimes false alarms can be caused by other things, such as low batteries, poor installation, insects, an old system, or storms.

    Make sure to determine the root cause! However, don’t ignore your alarm ringing at night as there could be actual intruders. Ensure your burglar alarm has been programmed correctly.