KERUI Wireless Security Door Alarm System Kit

Our Verdict – ⭐⭐⭐⭐

The KERUI Wireless Security Door Alarm System Kit is an audio alarm system that can work without electricity and internet. This makes it a super flexibly burglar alarm that will be useful to those wanting some peace of mind at an affordable price.

I know how hard it is to find something that actually does what it promises. To me, it’s important that you can find the best security product for your needs which is why I’ve decided to review this product.

According to Statistics, burglaries in 2020/21 were in decline. This might have had something to do with COVID and most people being at home, or it could be because people are taking security in the home more seriously.

Keeping your home secure means, you’ll have peace of mind. If you have a burglar door alarm installation it could also reduce your home insurance costs.

Today we are going to give you a KERUI alarm system review to tell you more about this wireless alarm system kit, what it offers, how it works and why it can be an affordable addition to your home.

Specifications and Features

  • Supports up to 30pcs wireless detectors, 8pcs remote key fobs, and 4 doorbell buttons
  • Door/Window contacts
  • Passive motion sensors 
  • The remote control can be used to Arm, Disarm, SOS Alarm within 250ft from the siren host (unobstructed)
  • Wireless/portable alarm system
  • The network is not required
  • Suitable for sheds, garage, yard shed, single-story apartment or house, cabin, motorhome, chicken coop, or any small room you need to protect
  • Alarm sound: up to 115 dB
  • DIY expandable alarm system
  • Works with KERUI brand alarm hub

We love that this KERUI burglar alarm comes with batteries when you purchase it from Amazon!

What is a KERUI standalone alarm system?

The KERUI standalone system is an audio alarm system that doesn’t need to be wired into your electricity box. The alarm is plugged into a mains socket and the rest of the components work using batteries. It is ideal if you want an alarm system you can take out of the box and set up yourself.

Once the system is set up it works using the batteries (when you purchase the system from Amazon, batteries come with the product so you don’t have to worry about running to the shop and getting some new ones!) This means you don’t have to worry about the electricity going off. It doesn’t connect to your WIFI system either, so you don’t need the internet to use the KERUI alarm.

Why do I need a KERUI wireless alarm system?

Using a security system like a burglar alarm deters burglars. The loud sound the KERUI emits will draw attention to your home and no burglar wants to be spotted trying to break into a home. If you have a KERUI wireless alarm system, your home insurance is likely to cost less. This is because you are demonstrating to your insurance company that you take home security seriously.


What are the features of the KERUI Wireless Security Burglar Door Alarm system Kit?

The KERUI kit contains the audible device, two door/window sensors, two remote controls and a PIR motion detector. The motion sensors will detect movement caused by heat from the infrared sensor and set off the alarm. You can control the system from your remote control/key fob.

Are there any add-ons to the KERUI Alarm wireless system?

Yes. The system supports up to 40 sensors, 10 remote controls and 10 doorbells. That means if you have a large house there is no problem covering numerous doors, windows, and outbuildings. You can also add a doorbell to the system for added security.

Is the KERUI audio horn loud enough?

The KERUI audio horn has a sound level of 15db. This is a very loud level of noise. For example, a plane during take-off emits around 120mb of noise. The sound would certainly attract attention and make a burglar think twice about breaking into your home.

What is the KERUI alarm sensor range?

The company doesn’t give any details about the range, but reading reviews from KERUI customers it looks like the sensors work up to 55 metres and maybe more.

Where can I put a KERUI alarm system?

You can use the KERUI system on almost any building you want to protect. It can be used on:

  • Flats
  • Houses
  • Hotels
  • Shops
  • Garages
  • Sheds
  • Conservatories
  • Out-buildings

They are particularly popular with customers who want to protect sheds and garages, which sometimes get missed from home security systems if they are not attached to the main property.

What’s the KERUI alarm system setup?

The instructions aren’t in clear English, but it isn’t hard to set up. Here’s what you should do:

  • Plugin the audio horn to a plug socket and wait 6 seconds, then unplug it and plug it in again 3 times.
  • Press any button on the remote control to configure it
  • Press the button on the sensors
  • Press the button on the PIR sensor

If you wanted to add a doorbell you must unplug and plug the audio horn 7 times and then press the bell sign on the doorbell button.

The remote control/key fob has 4 red buttons:

  • The first button is an emergency button. If you press this manually in an emergency the horn will sound
  • The second button is to disarm the system
  • The third button is to arm the system
  • The last button is to test the doorbell

To return the configuration to factory reset unplug and plug the audio horn 10 times. The kit comes with the appropriate batteries which are 2 x 12 volts.

You can also watch KERUI’s official YouTube instruction video which explains the setup with the help video.

Can the KERUI wireless system be set up by a non-professional?

Yes. Anyone who carries out DIY will be able to fix up this system easily. All you need to do is affix the sensors to your windows or doors and put up the audio horn in a location that suits you.

Is the KERUI Wireless Security Door Alarm System Waterproof?

Yes. Any components that are on the outside of your home are weatherproof and will withstand rain, wind, and snow.

Are there any disadvantages to the KERUI system

The only one we could find is the fact that the alarm will ring when it is being armed and disarmed. It doesn’t do it silently, but then again you probably won’t be coming in and out of your home so much that it will get annoying.

Why should I buy a KERUI alarm system?

According to the Police, most burglars will avoid a home with an alarm and so purchasing a KERUI wireless alarm kit is an affordable way to add security to your home. The KERUI system has an excellent audio alarm, and you can also add sensors to the system if required. The kit is easy to configure and simple to install.

Review for: KERUI Wireless Security Door Alarm System Kit

Use: Suitable for sheds, garage, barn, shop, yard shed, single-story apartment or home, cabin, motorhome, chicken coop, any small room you want to protect.


Ease of use


Although the set-up isn’t complicated, the instructions are hard to understand




For only £30 you get a really flexible alarm system that runs on batteries. I love that!




It’s cheap so you get what you paid for, but some features could be improved for better usability

We liked

Easy setup

No network & electricity are needed

Cheap, but really good

Runs on batteries

We didn’t like

🚩 Hard to understand instructions

🚩 Features could be improved


The biggest con we saw with this alarm system was that the instructions were hard to understand as it’s not written in clear English, however, the KERUI YouTube channel has a really good video explaining this process. If you’re considering not purchasing this product because you are afraid that you will not be able to properly set it up, there is help. Overall, it is not hard to get the burglar alarm running. It’s flexible because it can work without electricity and the internet. I believe that you can get value out of this product and so I recommend buying it!