It’s an issue that oftentimes isn’t given the attention it deserves but when fitting security cameras you have to make sure they aren’t going to get stolen.

There are a couple of ways to do this we have gone into below, for the most part, you should be fine with a bit of common sense and some critical thinking. However, depending on where you are in the world and what the crime is like in your area, it might be prudent to spend a bit of extra time securing your devices as best as possible.

Preventing CCTV cameras from being stolen

In order to prevent security cameras from being stolen, you need to be very aware of the risks to your device when placing it around your house or business.

There are many ways that thieves can get their hands on these devices, and once they do, they’ll use them for criminal purposes.

This is why you should take steps in advance so that if a thief does steal it then there will be no footage available for them.

1. Use security screws on the camera so that it cannot be stolen with a screwdriver

2. Don’t leave any cords or cables laying around where they could easily be stolen. You can use twist ties to bind them together and ensure nothing is left out in the open for thieves to take. This will also decrease your chances of tripping over them and breaking the camera

3. Put your cameras in inconspicuous locations so they don’t stand out or look like a target for theft. Don’t place them directly outside of your home, as thieves know that is where security devices are usually located

Digital CCTV Cameras

You should also invest in a top of the line alarm system for your house if you don’t already have one installed. Alarms are very important since they can alert authorities to any security breaches or just let you know if someone is in your building

Keep in mind that some cameras are easier to take down than others. If you are planning on placing your camera outside, consider the weather in that area before buying anything

You can also use a hidden security camera to monitor what goes on in private areas without raising any flags or suspicion since these cameras can resemble something like an air purifier unit.

Ensuring you have a cloud storage backup of all footage is also very important, if your camera ever is stolen, you will still have access to the footage and may be able to respond in time.

Especially as a lot of cameras use motion sensors so you would be notified once the camera moves that it has been taken.

Purchasing an anti-theft CCTV camera can be very effective, with a lot of companies developing more and more solutions to prevent CCTV theft.

These cameras often times come with a stainless steel chain attached to the wall where the camera is mounted. They also tend to have an alarm system which means whenever the camera is removed from the wall, a loud siren plays.

Depending on whether you bought a smart camera or not, you can also get notified whenever there is any motion detected by the camera.

You can also cross the view with another camera, having two or more cameras all with eyes on each other helps to keep your place safe whilst also immediately showing if your camera is being taken.

This can be a very effective strategy when the ideal location for your camera is one that is out and easy to see. In this case, hiding another one with a view of the 1st allows you to keep an eye on it just in case of any issues