Installing a home security system is one of the best investments of your time and money because they effectively prevent criminals from breaking into your house.

Many people choose to add extra security by getting some security signs to show the thief that they will be caught if they attempt a burglary. However, there are also homeowners who cannot afford a good CCTV or burglar alarm, therefore they choose to get a fake security sign.

But does a fake burglar alarm or surveillance sign really deter criminals? There are many ways in which we can think about this question.

Some burglars might actually believe that the security sign is real and move to the next target, however, more experienced thieves might double check whether what you have put on is actually real. In this article, we will have a deeper look at the benefits and risks of putting on a security sign.

What’s the Difference Between Real Security Signs and Fake Security Signs?

Real security signs are the ones you put on after actually installing a security camera or a burglar alarm. They are a complement to the existing security systems in your house. A fake security sign is something you put on without purchasing a security product. These are there to fool the thief and warn them to not break in.

However, you should think twice before opting in for a fake one. This is because thieves could easily find out that they are fake. With no surveillance system in place, you could end up in big trouble. While there are many signs available online that look legit, the company that owns that sign could sue you for copyright infringement.


Potential Benefits of Using a Security Sign to Prevent Burglaries

  • You could save lots of money: this is one of the biggest reasons why people get a fake security sign and leave out getting a home security system. It is true that a CCTV camera or a burglar alarm could cost you hundreds of pounds while you could get a fake sign for free. However before deciding on this option, please consider the potential risks that come with it as you could end up losing all that money anyways.

  • An effective deterrent: especially if you are using it as an additional protection method. While we are not sure about the effectiveness of using a fake one, we know that a real one is helpful.

Potential Risks of Using a Fake Security Sign

  • Thieves can easily spot the fake: you might get lucky if a less experienced thief comes across your house, but it’s still possible for an experienced one to plan a break in. This means that they will realise that there are no home security systems in place and that the sign is simply there to fool them. You might think that you’re safe, but you are in for a surprise when the burglar gets in and there’s nothing to stop them.
  • Copyright infringement: even if you get lucky and none of the burglars realises that the sign is fake, you could run into other problems. By using a fake security sign, you could be breaking copyright law, because you’re publicly displaying a work that is not yours without the permission of the owner. So, while it’s tempting to use a free sign you found online, you should think about the potential risk.

Do ‘Beware of Dogs Signs’ Deter Burglars?

If you already have a large guard dog, such as Akita or Bullmastiff protecting your house, then these security signs will be good deterrents. However, we have to mention again that this might not be effective if you are using a fake one. This used to work well in the past, but burglars have learnt that many people use these as decoration only.

Should You Put Security Stickers Up?

Yes, if you already have a home security system installed. We don’t recommend putting up a fake one because you could run into copyright issues or the burglar might easily spot that it’s a fake, providing you with a false sense of security. If the sign is simply there as an added protection, then these signs can be effective deterrents.

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What are Some Other Ways to Prevent Break Ins?

  • Leaving a porch light on: these will alert the burglar that you’re home. It also makes it easier for you to see who’s approaching your front door and act early.
  • Get friendly with your neighbours: this is particularly important if you are not home. They could keep an eye on any suspicious activity, however, make sure that you trust them first, hence why you must get to know them first.
  • Installing front gates: not everyone can do this, however, if you can, we recommend you think about it. These can make it difficult for the thief to gain entry or delay it so that you have enough time to call for help.
  • Be careful about what information you share: whether it’s offline or online, you should think about what kind of information you are sharing and with whom. If some important details get in the wrong hands, you could give the criminal an advantage. Therefore, keeping your personal details safe is an effective deterrent.

Looking for more tips to keep your house safe from danger? Then our article can help!


We always suggest investing in a good home security system instead of depending on a fake security sign. As we already explained, there are some serious risks when putting on a sign that you found online when you don’t actually have a security camera or a burglar alarm.

There are many security products out there that will fit different budgets. There are still affordable ones that are high quality. You should check out our CCTV blog as well as our burglar alarms blog for more options. Get the security sign, but only as an additional detail. This way even if the burglar assumes that it’s fake, their attempt at breaking in will be failed.