Having an alarm system installed in your home can be expensive, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth the cost. However, burglary is still a very real threat to homes everywhere.

So what do you do?

Is it really worth it or should you abandon your dreams of having a burglar alarm at all?

It’s easy to see why many would shy away from burglar alarms. It can be very expensive to have one installed, not to mention the monthly fees that are sure to follow for monitoring services.

Then there are the various sensors that have to be purchased or rented along with the control panels required for their installation.

There are also false alarms that may occur, causing damage to your home security reputation and annoying all of your neighbors in the process.

Even if you do get an alarm installed, it is useless unless it is properly maintained at all times; this means making sure all its batteries are fresh and replacing them when necessary (which can cost quite a bit more).

However, despite how highly inconvenient some people find burglar alarms, they actually do provide a significant enough extra layer of safety and security to make them worthwhile.

If you do decide to get one, it’s important to take some basic precautions before you install it so that you can keep your installation as effective as possible.

First, find out if the alarm installation is covered by homeowner’s insurance.

Once a burglar has broken into your home, they have technically committed a crime, even if they have not stolen anything yet.

This means that if the police are notified about an “in progress” burglary at your address and respond promptly, all of their expenses for responding to the call will likely be covered by homeowner’s insurance.

In addition to this added bonus for installing a burglar alarm system at your residence, many companies now offer customer discounts for people who have a security system installed.

Second, you should always consider the price of your alarm system as well as the frequency of false alarms.

Many homes now also include fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors as part of the package when they install a burglar alarm at their home.

These added features can significantly increase the cost to monitor your residence with an alarm system.

However, if you live in an area that is prone to fires or indoor accidents related to gas leaks then this added expense may be short term pain for long term gain.

Although there are many reasons why you should get a burglar alarm for your home, there are some instances where installing such equipment might not be ideal.

If you live in a house with small children then this added feature might not be desirable as your child is likely going to activate the alarm at least once.

Although most systems these days have features that will silence the alarm if it is accidentally triggered, this first time activation can still be costly and annoying.

Another instance where a burglar alarm may not be ideal would include a home located on some sort of barrier island or another location that leaves windows accessible from ground level.

In such cases, installing an alarm system could potentially harm the resale value of your property as someone searching for a new residence may pass up your property because it has security system equipment attached.

Although a well-constructed security system can be an excellent line of defense against home invaders, the addition of such equipment should not automatically make you feel safe and secure.

It’s important to note that even though your alarm is turned on and functioning properly (and assuming it has been installed by a reputable company), this does not mean someone won’t be able to break in and steal your belongings if they want them badly enough.

As with many other things in life, having a burglar alarm is not a “no-brainer.”

Depending on your individual circumstances (such as how much stuff you have that people might want to steal, how accessible your windows are, what kind of neighborhood you live in) you should make the decision to purchase one of your own volition. Just keep in mind a few of the points in this article however, and you should be fine.