SimpliSafe 13-Piece Security System Review

SimpliSafe 13-Piece Product Review

Our Verdict – ⭐⭐⭐⭐

The SimpliSafe 13-piece security system is a system capable of bringing a lot of security features to your home or office… If you are willing to pay the monthly fee.

SimpliSafe is a trusted provider of security systems and they have often been top dog when it comes to their products, this is no different with a lot of value to those looking to really secure their home 

The SimpliSafe 13-Piece security system is an all in one burglar alarm plus camera security system for installation at homes and businesses. In relation to how much burglar alarms typically are, you can expect to be paying a pretty penny for this kit, for the price though you do get 13 individual components of an all in one security system.

Whilst this is definitely an extensive kit, does it offer the security and level of peace of mind that it promises, read on to find out exactly what we thought about this piece of kit.

Specifications and Features

  • Base Station
  • Keypad
  • SimpliCam
  • 3 Entry Sensors
  • 2 Motion Sensors
  • Glass Break Sensor
  • 105db Wireless Siren
  • Panic Button
  • 2 Key Fobs
  • Easy DIY Installation (no drilling!)
  • Pet friendly
  • 4G data backup
  • Optional 24/7 monitoring
  • Easy integration of extra components

SimpliSafe has long been the top dog when it comes to supplying security alarms and other security products, they have a wide range available on their website. Taking a look online, we can see the amazon reviews for this product come to a 4.2 stars out of 5, not bad but where do the strengths with this product lie.

Well, for the price you are certainly getting a lot, as listed above all of the components of the system are easy to install and operate with fairly minimal setup time or effort. We did have a few issues trying to get the base station to connect to each component initially but this turned out to be a wifi issue so can’t slight it in this regard.

SimpliSafe Product Review Image

The SimpliSafe base reminds us of Amazon’s Alexa and looks very sleek


All of the devices in the SimpliSafe pack are able to seamlessly connect to one another through the base station, this also houses a 95db siren in case of any issues where an alarm needs to go off. This isn’t the only alarm in the pack but it is useful when a signal is sent to the station to have it ring off on its own in case of any kind of disruption to the burglar alarms elsewhere.

Through our testing we didn’t notice any sudden drops in connection, it seemed pretty consistent all throughout, whilst it is difficult to test 100% of the time whether everything is connected, at least for us it worked well. We didn’t find a limit to how many different devices you can connect to the base station as all the devices in the pack were pre-paired but presumably you could add more if you wanted.


Monthly subscription

Now this is where the package let us down somewhat, there is a monthly fee you pretty much have to pay in order to access all the features of your devices. Without the monthly subscription you might as well have just bought a few alarm sirens, however with it you have access to a lot more features.

SimpliSafe Pro and Premium Packages

The two on offer here are the pro and pro premium for £12.99 and £19.99 per month respectively. Realistically you are going to want to go for the pro premium option, whilst you are able to get away with the pro version, the premium offers police dispatch, arming from your phone and unlimited camera recording.

It feels a little cheap of SimpliSafe to charge a hefty chunk right out the box and then again every month for the smart features that should realistically come with the base devices. Things like the police dispatch are understandable to have on a subscription but unlimited camera recording should be by default when you purchase the product.

If you do get the pro premium however you do have full control of the security of your home from anywhere so you do get a good deal, with instant alerts from an app, seeing the status of all your sensors and anything else, there is a lot you get in the package.


All in all we didn’t find any issues when it came to our testing of the product, we enjoyed a pretty smooth system installation and whilst disappointed by the monthly subscription, it undeniably does what it says on the tin.

We didn’t have any issues with sensors going off so can’t verify the claims about the calls from Securitas but it can be assumed that this works just as well and reading online reviews it seems to back this up.


The burglar alarm system industry is a competitive one and SimpliSafe definitely has some quality alternatives, but how does this particular system stack up to the other options? Well, according to, the two biggest alternatives to SimpliSafe are Frontpoint and ADT, both offering their own wireless security systems in their own rights.

Frontpoint offers more features than SimpliSafe, with differing options for indoor and outdoor video monitoring, whilst both companies produce high quality products, SimpliSafe is definitely the better option for the more budget conscious consumer. This is due to Frontpoint’s monthly subscription costs, the extra features you derive from their products bring a much higher monthly cost that isn’t necessary at all.

With respect to ADT, they are one of, if not the biggest name in security products, with their famous blue signs being found all over the place, they offer some seriously quality security products. They also boast a higher price tag, if you are looking for a more premium security offering and aren’t so much worried about the price, we would definitely recommend taking a look at their site for more details around this.


We are very pleasantly surprised by this set of products, smart homes are becoming more prevalent these days and so adding to these with an all in one smart security system is a logical step. This is definitely a product for people who just want a one time setup of a reliable system which covers most aspects of house security, not having to rely on multiple different alarms and alerts.

Review for: SimpliSafe 13-Piece

Use: All in one smart security system for smart homes


Ease of use


Extremely easy to setup and use out of the box, all pre-paired which is a bonus




The initial cost is alright but let down by how you have to pay a monthly fee.




Tons of really useful features which are sadly locked behind a paywall

We liked

Easy setup

Comprehensive kit

No downtime

We didn’t like

🚩 Monthly subscription


This is a set of products that is absolutely worth it for those interested in establishing or bolstering their smart home with premium, quality security products able to be controlled all from your phone.