Interior Burglar Alarms

  • Discretely installed
  • Easy to use
  • Can be used anywhere inside

When burglars break into a business, they seek the items with the highest value and quickest resale. This means small businesses are particularly vulnerable to theft because most do not have sufficient security measures in place.

One way that small businesses can protect themselves from a robbery is by using an interior burglar alarm system. Interior burglar alarms provide the business with an unparalleled warning system when it comes to anyone trying to vandalise or steal from them.

Featured Products

Motion Sensor Burglar Alarm 1

Security4U Interior Burglar Alarm System

Product Description
  • No need to plug into a phone line! Simply insert a SIM card (contract or PAY AS U GO) into the Wireless GSM Control Host
  • Supports 40 Alarm History Records and Status History records. Supports Partial Arm, Schedule Arm/Disarm, Entry Delay and Exit Delay
  • Call or send text message up to 8 phone numbers automatically via mobile GSM network, if an alarm occurs. Can set to dial monitoring centre, police and owners
  • 99 wireless defense zones: Each defence zone can be coded one wireless sensor, so totally can be coded
  • Record and play voice message, monitor the voice at the site remotely. Control the alarm by using SMS/call-in wherever you are, to arm/disarm.
Interior Burglar Alarms 2

JC Wireless 4g Interior Burglar Alarm System

Product Description
  • 【Smart Alarm Kits 】JCHENG SECURITY home and business alarm system complete with fully programmable alarm host and sensors. Alarm host with 2.4 Inch TFT screen and touch panel, GUI supports multi-language, easy set-up app for smart phones (iOS and android and Google). Accessories include pet immune PIR Detector (Max KG of immunity:20 kg) X1, door sensor X 1, SOS wristband X1, Remote controller X 2, RFID Tag 2, Warning Sticker X 2
  • 【4G Sim Card and Wi-Fi Switchable】The burglar Security Alarm Kits support prevail 4G Telephone network, and 2.4G Wi-Fi network(2.4G WIFI only, it can’t support 5G). It offers dual channel connection at the same time. When Wi-Fi and 4G phone are connected with alarm hub at the same time, Wi-Fi is the first priority. While WIFI is under weak coverage, 4G phone card sends alarm message and calls as backup. (We only offer 4G Sim card slot, customer require to buy phonecard itself)
  • 【ALoT functions】JCHENG alarm system is a creative design. On one hand it reserves all professional functions of alarm system. I.E. support 6 Modes of alarm system, 99 Defense Zone, with multi-zone name settings. Support 5 groups preset alarm phone number and SOS Voice recording. On the other hand, it adopts’ ’Smart Life’’ from TUYA, which enables AI links all internet things. You can control camera, alarm kits and other smart things through Alexa, and google home ect
  • 【DIY Your Accessories】JCHENG Business/Home Protection and Safety kits based on 433MHz Wireless frequency , further supply complete range of Security Alarm accessories like Wireless PIR Motion Detector(pet-immune and non pet-immune), Window/Door DIY Contact Sensor, Remote Controller, Curtain PIR Detector, Panic Button, RFID Tag, Water Leakage Sensor ect. to customers. The accessories are compatible with most of alarm host in the market. If not clear, do pls mail us for more details
  • 【JCHENG’S After Service】30 days Money Refund,2 years quality warrantee and life time tech support. Any question or advise on our product, please feel free to contact us by [email protected], will reply you within 24 Hours. Also, if not clear about setting up, we have teaching video of the alarm series on YouTube and Facebook, please search ‘JCHENG SECURITY’ and find us!
Interior Burglar Alarms 3

Dynamode WL400-SHPIR Motion Sensor Burglar Alarm

Product Description
  • Magnetic door alarm sensor 120db alerts a person to a door or window opening.
  • Prevent children going out the house without notice.Also ideal entry warning for your home,office,apartment,garage and so on.
  • Ultra-thin door and window alarm with 2 adjustable settings (off/on).3xLR44 batteries included.
  • Easy installation,No wiring needed!No screws needed!Included double sided tape.
  • Ultra-sensitive also Low battery indicator to check battery life.This is a PERFECT AFFORDABLE compliment for your home security.

What are Interior Burglar Alarms?

An interior burglar alarm is installed inside of the business, allowing access to the internal sensors.

If an intruder has entered through a door or window, he or she will trigger an interior alarm when they pass one which picks up on the criminal’s presence.

This alarm can be anything from a screeching siren to an automated phone call that’s sent out to the local authorities.

The activated burglar alarm will notify the business owner and any employees who are in the building of the break-in (there is usually some kind of notification system), allowing them to stop the intruder by calling the police or other local authorities, and by possibly physically detaining the burglar until help arrives.

An interior alarm will often have additional sensors that work with it, such as motion detectors, which can allow for even more protection if placed around the building in areas where an intruder could be hiding or travelling through — like behind machinery or inside closets.

With enough vigilance and time you are able to completely secure your home using interior alarms, but it is important to consider what kinds of zones you want to be monitored and how you want them monitored.

If your home or business has an interior alarm system up and running then the first thing you’ll need to determine is whether or not there are any “zones” that need monitoring (some do, most don’t).

This is going to be an important decision because interior alarms are going to help you protect your property and keep your family safe. It will also dramatically increase how much work a burglar has to do in order to get through any doors of yours that have them installed.

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