Motion Sensor Alarms

  • Easily detect and report motion
  • Programmable sensitivity
  • Quick and easy installation

A motion sensor burglar alarm is a burglar alarm that is activated when it detects movement within an area of the premises. It detects motion by using passive infrared sensors (PIRs) which can detect changes in heat patterns and movement of cool air caused by intruders. Motion detection may also be achieved via microwave beams, acoustic noise or light beams

Featured Products

Motion Sensor Burglar Alarm 1

Yale AC-PIR Smart Motion Sensor Burglar Alarm

Product Description
  • Motion detection: triggers your alarm and notifies you immediately when motion is detected in your home
  • Enhanced 200 m range: protect your garage and outbuildings with Yale’s 200 m wire-free range
  • Easy set up: wire free for quick and easy installation
  • Secure encryption: the latest technology to make sure your home stays secure and protected
  • In app control: full in-app control of the alarm and connected devices
  • 2-year guarantee: with UK consumer support
Motion Sensor Burglar Alarm 2

CPVAN Wireless Motion Sensor Burglar Alarm

Product Description
  • CPVAN BRAND YOU CAN TRUST – The team at CPVAN SECURITY has dedicated more than 10 years and thousands of hours making the highest-quality security products in the UK every customer satisfaction and feedback prove a good reputation. This motion sensor alarm mainly protects your Shed, Garage, Van&etc. This cost-effective simple product is easy to use, simply set once and forget – protect yourself today. Get peace of mind knowing our products are covered by our warranty and technical support.
  • ✅MORE SECURE DESIGN – Communication range of up to 328ft/100m (Sound range in open place) and detection range of the infrared sensor of approximately 16-26ft/5-8m, 125db alarm or loud chime mode and state-of-the-art passive-infrared (PIR) to detect any movement within the detection zone to keep you informed and safe
  • ✅EASY INSTALLATION – Just paste it in the right place, you can also set it by stent. Powered by 3 AAA batteries (incl.) or power adaptor (not incl.).Remote controlled operation with SOS button, activate and deactivate the system even from the outside – solid user manual provided.
  • ✅NOTE – You can control the two-alarm unit with one remote control, or two remotes control one alarm unit after pairing. Can not Expand this PIR motion sensor with each other.
  • ✅SERVICE TECHNICAL SUPPORT : If you have any problems, please feel free to email us , Questions or requests? We respond fast and always in your interest.
Motion Sensor Burglar Alarm 3

Dynamode WL400-SHPIR Motion Sensor Burglar Alarm

Product Description
  • ✔️ STAY SAFE WITH REAL-TIME ALERTS ↪ Dynamode WL400-SHPIR will alarm your Tuya APP in real-time about any movement in your property, whether day or night, you will get REAL-TIME alert.
  • ✔️ WIDE PROTECTION ↪ Dynamode WL400-SHPIR PIR detects people or animals movement up to 7 meters from the sensor, and viewing angle of 120 degrees Dynamode WL400-SHPIR can automatically identify people and animals according to heat detection.
  • ✔️ SIMPLE INSTALLATION ↪ Use the Tuya APP guide to activate your sensor. Then, peel the backing off the adhesive and stick your new Dynamode WL400-SHPIR at the desire location, Dynamode WL400-SHPIR mini size design will allow you to hide it almost everywhere you want.
  • ✔️ WIDE COMPATIBILITY ↪ With ZigBee, 8021.15.4 Transmission Protocols and Tuya AI support, Dynamode WL400-SHPIR will work perfectly with Google Home, Amazon Alexa and many more. Support both Android and iPhone IOS OS
  • ✔️ LARGE CAPACITY BATTERY ↪ Dynamode WL400-SHPIR will always keep you safe with 3V/CR2 Lithium battery. According to Dynamode lab tests, you will be able to use WL400-SHPIR more than 1825 days with upload data 100 times a day – MORE THAN 5 YEARS BATTERY LIFE

What are Motion Sensor Burglar Alarms?

Motion sensor burglar alarms are capable of detecting any kind of motion, as well as changes in air pressure. They are able to detect humans and animals up to 25 feet away.

When activated, the alarm emits a piercing sound warning of the danger before an actual response can be mounted.

Many business owners defend their use of motion sensor burglar alarms by citing their importance in catching potential intruders.

This holds true as it has been shown that burglar alarms play a vital role in deterring thieves on the spot, and will therefore act as an effective deterrent.

However, it is important to note that both environmental controls (such as lighting) and staff presence are equally as important in discouraging burglary.

Without these two factors working together with motion sensor burglar alarms, businesses may still be at risk of theft. You can also oftentimes program the sensitivity of the motion sensor to make sure it doesn’t go off if you have pets, for example.

Another advantage of motion sensor burglar alarms is that they can spot more than just humans.

For example, if a blaze starts in your office, the heat generated from it would also trigger any nearby sensors and will immediately summon emergency services to help you put out the fire.

Although some burglars choose to ignore an operational alarm system while others run, the main advantage here is that your office or workspace, in general, will be a highly volatile place for the criminal to remain.

This is because, if the criminal has a weapon in their possession, they will be liable to use it as an act of defence or offence.

By getting an alarm installed in your office space you are not only buying yourself peace of mind but you are also helping to increase your security at work and this is sure to put off any potential burglaries.

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