Exterior Burglar Alarms

  • Pre-emptive alarm system
  • Easy installation
  • Total security

Burglar alarms are devices that signal when a crime is being committed. They can be anything from motion detectors, to tiny glass windows set in the door of an establishment that shatters upon breaking and will sound off an alarm if triggered. While some businesses opt for interior security systems, others prefer exterior ones.

Featured Products

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ERA Protect Smart Exterior Burglar Alarm

Product Description
  • SMART ALARM SYSTEM – The Protect home security system is set-up, controlled and operated from one easy to use smartphone app. The first wireless burglar alarm system to be awarded a BSI (British Standards Institute) IoT Kitemark, ensuring your data is safe with end-to-end encryption. Dual path technology allows the home alarm system to work on both ethernet connection or the built-in SIM card, and makes sure you’re always connected.
  • EXPANDABLE ALARM SYSTEM – Expand the home securtity system with up to 96 accessories including multiple PIR & Door/Window sensors, Keypads & Sirens. Add external, Internal, floodlight & doorbell cameras to fully protect your home as your security needs grow.
  • EASE OF USE – Access your home alarm system, doorbell & cameras from anywhere, anytime with your ERA Protect Smartphone App. Add and assign as many users as you require, and control all operations of the system with the easy to use application.
  • ALEXA & GOOGLE HOME COMPATIBLE – With Alexa and Google Home you can control your home securty system using your voice. You are able to arm, part-arm & disarm your alarm, and turn your securty cameras on or off onto privacy mode.
  • KIT INCLUDES – 1x Central Alarm Hub, 2x Pet Friendly PIR’s, 2x Door/ Window Magnetic Contacts, 2x Remote Controls, 1x Live Siren, All fittings and operational instructions + Free 3 month trial of our ERA Protect Plus Subscription on activation of account.
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KERUI Garage Weatherproof Exterior Burglar Alarm

Product Description
  • Door alarm uses remote controls to set security code for arming/disarming; home security system complete with fully programmed main unit and sensors, later if you want to DIY, please factory reset first according to manual, then pair them again or search operation video on YouTube “KERUI Standalone Alarm System Operation Guide” for reference.
  • DIY expandable home burglar security alarm system – This alarm horn supports up to 40 pcs wireless detectors, 10 remote controls, 10 doorbell buttons, up to 115dB loud alerts with deluxe door alarm system for peace of mind.
  • Complete DIY wireless house burglar alarm system kits includes a horn and two door/window sensors, two remote controls, a PIR motion detector, loud alarm and better protection for apartment shed hotel garage safety, affordable home security.
  • SOS alarm to get help – Children and seniors at home when in emergency, they can press the [S] button of the remote control, which will set off the siren alarm up to 115dB to notify other members at home or neighborhood, so that they can get help in time.
  • After-sale service – Kindly refer to the user manual before use, if you have any questions or needs to customize alarm system kit, please feel free to contact us, we will try our best to help; The alarm system kit can work with KERUI brand alarm hub, DIY the alarm system as you require.
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Amtech Solar Powered Dummy External Burglar Alarm

Product Description
  • Bright flashing LED for realistic look
  • Easy installation (fixings included)
  • Solar panel to recharge batteries
  • 3 x AA Ni MH rechargeable batteries included (900mAh
  • Economical way to deter burglars and prevent theft

What are Exterior Burglar Alarms?

If you’ve ever owned a business or even visited one that has been open late, you’re probably familiar with the sound of an exterior burglar alarm.

Most people don’t know how these alarms work and what makes them go off. Exterior alarms tend to be effective deterrents for criminals and most of the time they are the difference between being a victim of a crime and not, but let’s talk about how an exterior burglar alarm works and what exactly makes it go off.

Most exterior burglar alarms consist of two components: a control panel which is usually found in a secured area inside the business and some type of sensor on each window and door that may be accessible from the outside of the business.

The control panel keeps track of what doors or windows are open and which ones are closed, so when something is opened it immediately starts looking for sensors that may be affected by this change. When the control panel finds an exterior sensor that is open it will send a signal to the control panel inside the building as well to notify anyone inside that there might be a break-in occurring.

The control panel inside the building will sound a siren or send an alert to the owner of the business via text, phone call, or email that there might be a problem.

This system may also help protect against interior burglars as well if they are disoriented by the alarm once they enter and can not figure out where it is, they may flee the scene of the crime.

Exterior burglar alarms are another step forward in making businesses more secure and hopefully cutting down on burglary rates. Now, those who may be looking to break in have to worry about breaking into the building without being seen while bypassing the sensors on the windows.

More than ever before businesses are starting to protect themselves with alarms. In an age where more and more consumers are shopping online, brick and mortar business face stiffer competition than ever before. This has made many of them turn towards exterior burglar alarms as a way of protecting their place of business in the retail market.

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