Wifi Burglar Alarms

  • Network connectivityty
  • Easy installation
  • Access notifications from anywhere

Businesses across the US are starting to utilize wifi burglar alarms for a number of reasons. Namely, they offer an efficient and effective method of securing your business against break-ins or other mishaps without needing to hire additional staff members.

The reason that these devices gain so much attention is that they can be put in place without requiring any hard wiring.

Featured Products

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SimpliSafe 7 Piece Wifi Burglar Alarm System

Product Description
  • The 7 piece SimpliSafe System is ideal for smaller households – includes Base Station, Keypad, SimpliCam, 2 Entry Sensors and 1 Motion Sensor. Need additional sensors? You can integrate extra SimpliSafe components at any time to customise your system to your home.
  • Easy DIY installation – no drilling, wiring or professional installer required. Ready to protect you, your family and your possessions in minutes.
  • Pet friendly for both dogs and cats – with precision engineered sensors to detect the unique heat signature of human intruders.
  • You’re always protected – smash proof, power cut proof and with 4G data back up in case of wifi outage, SimpliSafe safeguards have you covered.
  • Optional, no contract, 24/7 professional monitoring for complete peace of mind – plans start from 43p/day and for full functionality our Pro Premium plan is only 66p/day. Use of app features also requires a subscription. Plans sold separately.
Wifi Burglar Alarm 2

JC Wi-FI Switchable Business Burglar Alarm System

Product Description
  • 【Wireless Alarm Kit】 4.3inch TFT full touch screen, 90 wireless zones for remote controller detector/sensor and extra 10 wireless zones for RFID Tags. Work with Alexa and also support Smart Home Switches. This is a dual network Alarm system that utilizes both Wi-Fi and cellular(GSM/3G). The micro sim card (no matter it is 2G/3G/4G)requires to support GSM Frequency: 850/900/1800/1900MHZ. .
  • 【Intelligent functions】Support up to 100 zones of defense area. Support precise 11 zones of name settings to better locate triggering zone of hall, bedroom, Window, balcony perimeter etc. Support 8 Alarm Mode and more customized zone name setting. Support Exit delay/Entrance delay and also preset Arming time and dis-arming time for better daily use. Support 5 groups preset alarm phone number and 20 Seconds Help Voice recording, Support Wi-Fi camera to do real time viewing through App.
  • 【Smart Alarm Pan-EU Kits 】The home and business alarm system has English/Germany/France/Spanish/Italian operation system(alarm hub) and user-manual. Easy set-up App for smart phones (iOS and android and Google). P.S. Cellphone App only has English Version . It includes pet immune PIR Detector (Max KG of immunity:20 kg) X1, door sensor X 2, Remote controller X 2, RFID Tag x 2, Warning Sticker X 2. users could buy extra sensor/ detector/alarm from our shop if need
  • 【Phone card /WIFI Switchable】The burglar Security Alarm Kit supports App control remotely. It has two ways: by sim card and WIFI (switchable). Supports Different Alarm Channels (APP Push / SMS / Voice monitoring / intranet center Alarm), to ensure the alarm performance stable and reliable. Suggest using WIFI connection in priority.(once WI-FI connect between alarm hub and cellphone),you could control it remotely. For current only support 2.4G Wi-Fi only. It can’t support 5G.
  • 【JCHENG’S After Service】30 days Money Refund,2 years quality warrantee and life time tech support. Any question or advise on our product, please feel free to contact us by [email protected], will reply you within 24 Hours. JCHENG has tutorial video of the alarm series on YouTube and Facebook, please search ‘JCHENG SECURITY’ and find us!
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THUSTLAND Wifi Smart Burglar Alarm System

Product Description
  • WiFi Security System: With the free “Smart Life” app for IOS / Android smartphone, it can be easily controlled by arming, disarming and docking modes with a simple remote control. In an emergency, you can also call for help by pressing the “SOS” button to send a help signal
  • APP Controlled Alarm System: When important entry areas such as windows / doors are open, or when motion is detected, receive instant alert on your phone and alarm will sound 120dB alert. The main controller hub is responsible for connecting with all sensors
  • The expandability of the security system kit: It allows to expand up to 20 sensors and 5 remote controls paired with a main panel hub. In the event of a power failure, it has a back-up battery that can work for 8 hours. It can support renaming of different names of zones, sensors and zone properties
  • Simple manual installation, home security alarm system kit: No contracts and no subscription fees. Install your entire system without the need for tools or professional installation. You can take it and take it off easily, and expand your alarm to fit any home, apartment or office
  • What you get: 8-piece kit includes Smart HUB, contact sensor, motion detector, remote control. And professional 24/7 customer service

What are Wifi Burglar Alarms

This is a huge advantage because they can be easily moved when necessary and allow you to expand your security system as your business grows.

The devices are also simple to install, which means that there is no need for specialized contractor firms when adding on to an existing structure.

Wifi burglar alarms work with the help of the internet and computers, oftentimes using smart devices to access them remotely.

They can be used in conjunction with other security devices, such as motion detectors and surveillance systems, to provide you with a better sense of safety on your property.

While it may seem like wifi burglar alarms are only useful for big business structures, they can actually be beneficial for just about any structure they fit in.

From schools to restaurants, this is due to the fact that these devices can be placed anywhere and are not restricted by their size.

The budget-conscious property owner is often drawn to wifi burglar alarms due to the affordability of this type of addition, especially when looking at how much it would cost if an actual security specialist were involved in installing them.

Wifi burglar alarms work by connecting to a local wifi network and sending a message to its owner whenever the alarm is triggered.

For example, if the signal from the owner’s router was to be cut off or disrupted in any way, an alarm would sound and a notification would be sent to its user.

Alarm systems can be set up in a way that automatically notifies police if the intruder tries to deactivate it.

As many feel more secure and less anxious after installing wifi burglar alarms, it’s worth considering how a small business owner could benefit from the service.

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