In this article, we will go over CCTV installation costs. CCTV cameras are a great way to keep an eye on your business or home while you’re away.

You can save time and money by installing CCTV yourself, but doing it wrong is easy – most people don’t know how to install CCTV cameras properly.

This could lead to legal issues if you find where you have installed the cameras intrudes on property that isn’t yours.

The number 1 priority when it comes to installing CCTV should be making sure it is all hooked up correctly, whilst you can do this yourself, it is strongly advised you get a professional to do it for you.

CCTV installation costs will always vary depending on where you are, and the CCTV kit you buy. On top of this it also depends on what type of company you go with, certain companies will charge more or less when it comes to installing CCTV.

What factors affect CCTV price

There are 4 factors you want to take into consideration when trying to calculate how much you will be spending on CCTV.

  • Location
  • Cameras required
  • Camera locations
  • Building type

To break these down, let’s look into the factors and how they affect price; first, let’s look at location. When it comes to where you are based, you have to accept that in major cities you will be paying higher prices.

This is due to several reasons, for one, installation can oftentimes be more difficult in buildings located in major cities. As well as this it can be expensive to operate within a major city which will also affect the cost.

If you are installing CCTV in a new building or an old one this will also affect the price as well.

In new buildings, it is easy to place cameras wherever they’re needed, however, if your CCTV has been installed after construction then installation can be more difficult and time-consuming due to poor layout of wiring etc.

The same goes for older buildings.

Obviously, the amount of cameras and the type of them required is also a huge factor when playing into the price of installation for CCTV.

For those interested in a full 8 camera digital CCTV system, you will be looking at higher installation costs than something like a 3 camera analogue system.

Digital CCTV Cameras

Analogue CCTV cameras are the most basic type of CCTV surveillance camera and they offer a very good price for what you’re getting. The benefit to an analogue system is that it can often times end up being cheaper in buying the camera itself.

Camera locations are another aspect people need to take into consideration, this will greatly affect the labour and as such the price of installation.

As an example, installing CCTV in hard to reach places or areas with thick walls which require a lot of drilling to ensure cables are tucked neatly away will ramp up the cost.

You would do well setting out a small plan for your CCTV system to ensure when you pay to install it, all areas and blind spots are covered.

Finally, the building type will also impact the price of installing CCTV. Depending on the age of the building as well as what it is constructed out of, you may need specialist tools in order to ensure not only that the cameras are installed but the cables are out of the way.

Average cost of home CCTV installation

It depends on your setup as to what the specific costs are going to be when it comes to the average price of your CCTV system. Below is a small table from detailing some costs related to how much you could expect to pay.

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Different types of CCTV systems

There are a few different types of CCTV systems and each one comes with their own costs of both installation and the cost of the product itself.

Bullet cameras are the standard CCTV camera type, these are the most common and come in a variety of different prices ranging from £20 – £200

Day/Night cameras are more specialist CCTV options, being able to see easily in the night as well as the day, they run up more of a cost than the bullet variant £50 – £350

Dome cameras are more discrete forms of CCTV, typically able to be hidden more easily than other forms, they also have the benefit of being able to hide where specifically they are looking depending on the model, due to this added functionality they also run a bit higher price than bullet cameras £40 – £300

HD CCTV cameras can run up quite a price, this is due to the need for a more powerful imaging chip along with more expensive lenses in order to capture a higher quality image, depending on which one you go for you could expect to be paying upwards of £60 – £500

Infrared cameras are cameras with a specialised imaging chip installed, this is so they are able to see in the pitch darkness by detecting the heat in and around a physical location. Due to this, however, these cameras will run a very high price as they are usually only used in specialised circumstances £80 – £500

Network cameras are CCTV systems that allow you to connect wirelessly to one another and a third party storage device, these are useful for bigger places as they can often times appear tidier and have an easier setup process. £40 – £300

What would you expect to pay for CCTV installation?

Taking a look at, we are given a few rough figures to work with to figure out how exactly the pricing works. For a simple 4 cam wired CCTV system, you are looking at an average price of £800 without the installation costs as that can vary based on the criteria above.

For an 8 cam wireless system with remote access and cloud storage, you are looking over £1000, again, without any kind of setup and installation fees. Wireless systems will also most likely require a once and year callout to come and check to make sure they are still okay, this factors in at about £80 a year.

Taking a look at another security CCTV supplier, purchasing one CCTV camera, monitor, wiring and DVR with full installation would run you around £540-£660 with additional cameras being sold at £120.

All in all, they are both roughly equal in pricing but it depends what you plan on getting for your business. You also have to take into consideration the amount of power that the cameras are using as well, as this will add onto any pre-existing pricing

As always, be sure you know what your budget is before committing yourself to a company who will install CCTV for you as there can be recurring fees along with different levels of fitting quality.