Bullet CCTV

  • Weatherproof casing
  • Narrow field of vision
  • Quick and easy installation

Bullet cameras are primarily designed for two reasons, to provide a narrow but very long field of view, and to be weather resistant, able to sustain and survive outside.

To this end, the design works, whilst not the most flexible, bullet cameras excel as a static external CCTV option, they are also highly visible, able to ward off criminals by just the sight alone, in fact you can actually buy dummy bullet cameras online for this exact purpose.

Featured Products

Bullet CCTV 1

WiTi Security Bullet CCTV Camera

Product Description
  • Brand WiTi
    Video capture resolution 5 MP
    Unit count 1.00 count
    Colour 5mp
    Number of channels
Bullet CCTV 2

ANNKE Weatherproof Bullet CCTV Camera

Product Description
  • 1080p HD Bullet Camera – With twice more resolution than 720P, the security camera presents the details you need in super clarity. You’re allowed to capture all wonderful moments in or around you house with ease.
  • Clear Night Vision – Built with 12 pcs IR LEDs, this CCTV camera is capable of generating 100ft/30m clear night vision even in the dark. Meanwhile, the smart IR-cut filter automatically switches between day and night to bring solid protection all the time.
  • Wider Field of View – An exceptional 82.2-degree field of view enables you to capture a wider scene of the place you want to monitor. With the adjustable 3-axis stand, you can freely adjust the camera head to fix it to the desired angle.
  • IP66 Weatherproof Rating – The security camera is built to withstand the most unforgiving weather conditions for both indoor and outdoor use. It can work normally even in extreme temperature from -4°F to 140 °F.
  • Safety and Warranty – As the ANNKE VISION APP Complies with the EU’s general Data protection regulation, your information privacy will be effectively protected. And all our products are CE, FCC and HDMI Certified, with easy-to-reach Lifetime email support, 90-Day money back and 1-year quality warranty.
Bullet CCTV 3

Anlapus 4-in-1 Analog Bullet CCTV Camera

Product Description
  • 18m Color Night Vision: This wifi security camera has two modes of night vision: Colored and IR night vision. With dual light source design and 4 floodlights & infrared lights, this home security camera can show you vivid color image in total darkness, the CCTV camera uses a new generation of array infrared technology, higher reliability and better night vision. Maximum night vision distance up to 18m.
  • Auto Tracking: this wifi surveillance camera has the function of automatic tracking of human movement, offering you complete protection. When you or any other person moves in front of the frame, the camera will always move leaving the person who passed by the camera in the center of the frame.
  • Two-way Audio & Smart Motion Detection: With built-in microphone and speakers allow you to better communicate with your family anytime, anywhere. When this cctv camera detect movements, notification will be sent to your smartphone. And you can adjust the sensitivity of the motion detection to avoid false alarm.
  • 355° Pan 90°Tilt & IP66 Waterproof: Thanks to the intelligent 355° Pan 90°Tilt, it allows you can remotely control the rotation of the wifi camera to watch every internal and external angle by your smartphone. The security outdoor camera is equipped with an ip66 rated weatherproof outer casing, designed to operate the camera even in extreme weather conditions.
  • Support SD Card Storage & Remote Access: this cctv home security outdoor camera compatible with NVR, support IOS/Android/Windows systems. support by APP” Ctronics”, also support up to 64G SD card. And you can view the security camera remotely from your smartphone or computer no matter where or when you are. This security camera outdoor give you peace of mind.

What are Bullet CCTV Cameras?

Bullet CCTV cameras are one of the most commonly-used surveillance cameras in businesses around the UK. That is no surprise, considering that they are hard to spot, highly durable and able to capture high-quality footage even at a distance.

Bullet CCTV cameras are named for their unique shape – it looks like a bullet (or an egg). The lenses are often times able to see very far distances, while the camera itself is concealed to prevent tampering.

Bullet cameras usually have a very high resolution for catching details such as licence plates and facial features, allowing them to be useful not just for security purposes, but also for monitoring employees in retail stores or keeping track of children in a school. Their lenses are normally fixed so that they cannot be changed, this might be a disadvantage to most but ensures the cameras are tamper-proof.

Bullet cameras are normally attached either onto ceilings or high up walls using brackets. They are commonly used in warehouses, schools and offices where police officers aren’t required but there is a need for constant surveillance.

Their small size means that they can also be concealed within fake security camera housings to blend into the surroundings better and deter criminals.

Although bullet cameras aren’t always the right pick for the situation, they are still incredibly useful and a more than viable option for protecting property.

Sophisticated criminals know how to bypass even the most expensive CCTV systems but prove much less of a challenge to bullet cameras as there is nothing to tamper with or dismantle.

These types of cameras can also be stored away when not in use, making them perfect for temporary offices or construction sites that need to protect themselves while on-site.

If the location is permanent, then these cameras also look neater and less conspicuous than dome or box style CCTV systems.

Bullet cctv cameras are more popular for their discreet nature than for their high video resolution – although, as technology has advanced over time they have become much higher quality and so are able to provide a high-quality picture whilst still retaining their small size.

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