Infrared CCTV

  • Night vision cameras
  • Affordable prices
  • Quick and easy installation

Infrared cameras are cameras capable of capturing footage clearly and easily in the dark, allowing you to see what is happening around your premise after hours

Whilst these tend to be more expensive than their day/night cousins, infrared cameras can provide real value to places where vision in the absolute darkness is necessary. This could include darker areas of warehouses, outside of storage facilities where there might not be much light or inside of offices when everyone has left.

Featured Products

Infrared CCTV 1

Spotlight Infrared 2-way talk CCTV Camera

Product Description
  • 1. Larger Battery Capacity :The CCTV wireless outdoor home security battery camera is built in 4PCS 18650 10400mAh rechargeable battery which can work continuously for 3 to 4 months after fully charged (Tips: The battery time depends on the sensitivity of motion detection you set).
  • 2. Color Night Vision and Infrared Night Vision: With LED light, support color night vision. The camera comes with 8 infrared night vision lights also, support infrared night vision too.
  • 3. 100% Wireless : Wireless security camera is battery-powered to get rid of the wired camera wiring trouble. It’s with a metal bracket, the installation position is not limited, and it can be installed anywhere(with 2.4G Wifi siginal) you want in a few minutes.
  • 4. Weatherproof, HD 1080P, PIR Motion Detection, 2-Way Audio : Battery camera supply 1080P high quality real-time video regardless of wind and rain. Surveillance camera adopted PIR sensors with flexible motion sensitivity to avoid false alarms caused by insects. You will receive a notification on your phone once any movement of human is detected. You can speak to the visitors and hear what they say.
  • 5. Compatible & Support SD Card Storage: Supports micro-SD card (up to 128GB) storage and cloud storage (this camera does not come with SD card).
Infrared CCTV 2

COOAU Infrared Wireless Outdoor CCTV Camera

Product Description
  • 🔋【Upgraded 15000mAh Battery and 100% Wire-Free】 COOAU wireless security camera comes with larger 15000mA batteries, larger than 95% of the camera batteries on the market. Without the hassle of wires, you can easily install it wherever you want. (Note: Please charge it fully before using it for the first time. Frequent triggers may cause excessive power consumption. Please use it correctly according to the instructions.)
  • 📶【Enhanced 4dBi Wi-Fi Connection & IP65 Weatherproof】Applying two external 4dBi antennas, the outdoor security camera brings better and more stable signal connection. (only work with 2.4Ghz, 5Ghz is not supported). This wireless outdoor cctv camera boasts a durable and tight structure that is IP65 weatherproof for years of reliable outdoor use, even in harsh weather conditions.
  • 🏃【PIR Human Motion Detection & Instant Phone Notifications】Applying optimized AI human detection and advanced SONY 1/3CMOS sensor, COOAU home security camera enhances human-like recognition to reduce 68% false alarms, such as cars, rain, fallen leaves, etc. The alerts will be pushed to your phone in no time once detecting a uninvited guest.(Notice:When humanoid detection is turned on, non-human objects will not alarm, but they will still be triggered and recorded for safety.)
  • 📱【1080P FHD View & Infrared Night Vision】 COOAU wireless security camera delivers sharp and crisp Full HD 1080P images which show you the face of people, the road signs, plates and so on clearly. Built-in 4 infrared LED lights will automatically turn on for light compensation when the light gets weaker, allowing you to monitor your property and house clearly at night.
  • 🔊【Built-in Intercom and Two-way Storage】This battery security camera has built-in speaker and microphone for two-way communication. Just hold the Intercom button to communicate with your family members, pets, and delivery man in real time, and warn home intruders. You can either use a 32G to 128G SD card, or encrypted cloud storage service(7-day free trial) to store videos.
Infrared CCTV 3

Ctronics PTZ Infrared Colour Night Vision CCTV Camera

Product Description
  • 18m Color Night Vision: This wifi security camera has two modes of night vision: Colored and IR night vision. With dual light source design and 4 floodlights & infrared lights, this home security camera can show you vivid color image in total darkness, the CCTV camera uses a new generation of array infrared technology, higher reliability and better night vision. Maximum night vision distance up to 18m.
  • Auto Tracking: this wifi surveillance camera has the function of automatic tracking of human movement, offering you complete protection. When you or any other person moves in front of the frame, the camera will always move leaving the person who passed by the camera in the center of the frame.
  • Two-way Audio & Smart Motion Detection: With built-in microphone and speakers allow you to better communicate with your family anytime, anywhere. When this cctv camera detect movements, notification will be sent to your smartphone. And you can adjust the sensitivity of the motion detection to avoid false alarm.
  • 355° Pan 90°Tilt & IP66 Waterproof: Thanks to the intelligent 355° Pan 90°Tilt, it allows you can remotely control the rotation of the wifi camera to watch every internal and external angle by your smartphone. The security outdoor camera is equipped with an ip66 rated weatherproof outer casing, designed to operate the camera even in extreme weather conditions.
  • Support SD Card Storage & Remote Access: this cctv home security outdoor camera compatible with NVR, support IOS/Android/Windows systems. support by APP” Ctronics”, also support up to 64G SD card. And you can view the security camera remotely from your smartphone or computer no matter where or when you are. This security camera outdoor give you peace of mind.

What are Infrared CCTV Cameras?

In an industry dripping with state-of-the-art technology, it’s not always easy to stand out. But in the security and surveillance world, companies have been doing just that for years – developing infrared cameras that offer a clear advantage over their competitors. Why is this such a big deal? Because infrared cameras allow businesses and homeowners alike to very clearly see in the dark, something that was previously impossible.

What is infrared? Infrared, otherwise known as thermal imaging, uses a piece of equipment called an infrared camera to detect heat in and around a physical location.

By emitting wavelengths between 700nm and 1mm (invisible to the naked eye) on everything it’s aimed at, these cameras are able to display clearly recognisable images which the human eye otherwise wouldn’t be able to.

This is extremely useful in a huge variety of situations.

Businesses can use infrared CCTV cameras to protect against robberies, trespassing and vandalism. Because the camera’s detection abilities are so advanced, these crimes are often captured on camera.

If this footage is passed onto law enforcement agencies, it makes catching offenders much easier and helps ensure they’re apprehended and prosecuted quickly.

As previously mentioned, this type of surveillance equipment has become increasingly popular among private security firms as well.

Bodyguards can use infrared CCTV cameras to keep a close eye on people they’re meant to be looking after in high-risk situations, such as when the client is out and about at night or entering a potentially dangerous building.

Although the infrared CCTV camera market is growing dramatically, there are some drawbacks to these products. The first of which is that they’re not available for purchase by everyone.

While businesses and homeowners can buy and use them with ease, private citizens will have difficulty getting their hands on one unless they’re buying it as part of a complete security system

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