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Does a security camera need Wi-Fi?

No, as long as you can get a data plan and have some type of local storage. Security cameras without wi-fi, such as Arlo Go and Reolink Go will be perfect for you if you don’t want live streaming, remote control, or notifications.

Which camera is best for home security?

The best home security camera overall is the Nest Cam (Battery). It has a great design, very sharp video quality, free person, vehicle, and animal detection as well as 3 hours of free video storage. You don’t have to spend hundreds on subscriptions as it already comes with loads of free features and works well both indoors & outdoors.

Are outdoor security cameras legal?

Yes, that should be alright as long as your security camera is placed in a wide area, such as a driveway or garage. This will ensure that the camera only captures your neighbour’s front door or lawn instead of the whole house.

Do security cameras record at night?

Yes, these are known as smart home security cameras. These cameras can capture images and record videos in the dark. This is because the security cameras have specialised lenses & software.

Burglar Alarms

What is the best burglar alarm system?

It’s the Yale Sync Smart Home Alarm Family Kit IA-320. It’s perfect for average-sized homes and many people love it because there are no hidden monthly fees. You can connect it with Amazon Alexa and Philip Hue.

Do alarms stop burglarls?

Yes, they do catch around 60% of burglars. Most burglars when targeting a property will look around to detect any alarm systems. If burglars themselves care, then we can assume they do make their job harder, which in most cases, stops the robbery.

Can I install a burglar alarm myself?

Yes, you definitely can! Getting a professional to install it can be really expensive so there are DIY options out there. Just make sure to read the reviews before to see how other people found the installing process.

How much does it cost to install an alarm?

Burglar alarms cost on average between £100-£200 per installed device. This will depend on many factors, such as the number of doors and windows that need burglar alarms fitted as well as your home location.

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