A closed-circuit-television or, most commonly known as CCTV camera, is a tool that’s used to ensure maximum security. They are becoming more and more common with each passing day, as the world is turning into a more revolutionized, technological one.

More so, with the increase in top-notch technology, people are looking at more threats globally. Theft, burglary, and hostage-holding crimes are not so uncommon these days. This is one of the main reasons why the scope of implementing a fully secure CCTV system is growing day by day.

Installing CCTV cameras is a great way to make sure your property is safe and secure. Let’s get into more about how CCTV works and how long does the footage last.

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What is CCTV?

A closed-circuit-television, or CCTV, is a video framework that comprises deliberately positioned camcorders around a space that records film and is then communicated to display monitor(s) for ongoing viewing and film playback.

A CCTV framework subsequently alludes to all angles and parts that make up the framework, like the camera, wiring, video film stockpiling (through the cloud or automatic video recorder), screens, access control, and general framework maintenance.

You would need to utilize a CCTV framework to build the safety of your place-of-work boundaries and have an observation of key regions at any one time. This would be especially helpful for huge premises or one that holds important hardware, items, or data.

Just as recording video film, a CCTV framework can likewise inform you in case there is action or development on a specific camera at a specific time. For example, late at night, when the business premises are shut, and representatives have returned home. This notice could show that somebody might be about or hoping to break into your site.

Although a CCTV framework can be utilized to observe on-location action during and out of working hours, it can also assist with distinguishing needed hoodlums, just to go about as an obstacle to possible interlopers.


How does a CCTV Camera Work?

The inner workings of a CCTV camera aren’t the most complicated. If you’re planning to install one onto your property, you should certainly be aware of how your CCTV camera works. CCTV comes with a camera, lens, and monitor. In most cases, there can be more than just one camera (depending on how much clarity and coverage you want).

The way it works is that the camera snaps a sequence of images and video, which is then transmitted through a cable wire onto the monitor. The video can give you a look outside your property through your recording system to see who’s passing through your property.

Also, some CCTV cameras revolve a full 360 degrees, depending on how much range you want to be covered. Some CCTV cameras also have the feature of zooming in and out on a specific object or image. However, those cameras are pricier.

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  • SECURE STORAGE OPTIONS: Motion detection recordings can be stored in the micro SD card (Max. 128GB, not included), Reolink NVR or the FTP server. Reolink NVR is strongly recommended for higher storage capacity and 24/7 recording
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How Long Does CCTV Footage Last For?

Before we talk about how long CCTV footage lasts, we’d like to talk about a concept called Data Protection Act (DPA). This law states that the images and videos recorded by a CCTV camera be kept protected until a certain time period (the time varies according to the situation).

For example, suppose a high-profile crime has been committed, and the police are trying to identify the criminal’s identity. In that case, the data recorded through a CCTV camera is to be kept for 31 days only. On the other hand, when a local burglary has been reported in a small town, the time period changes to 14 days. The smaller the crime, the fewer the days CCTV footage can be kept for.

CCTV footage proves to be highly beneficial, especially when trying to solve a crime. It comes in handy for everyone involved and gives its viewers clear insights into what happened and by whom. The clarity of the camera strictly depends upon its resolution. So, if you think you or your property is threatened, it’s best to purchase a high-resolution CCTV camera to track all activity clearly.


CCTV Storage Options

As indicated by CCTV laws, you should guarantee that the information recorded by the CCTV cameras is put away safely and must be got to by an approved faculty.

You really want to search for capacity choices that can oblige the measure of information being saved without physically erasing the earlier day’s recording to account for additional, protected from being taken, hacked, and abused.

CCTV camera clients choose to put away the film on the cloud or utilize neighbourhood stockpiling, for example, a memory card set inside the camera or a different hard drive. CCTV distributed storage gives CCTV clients an assortment of capacity choices, improving the most common way of recovering the saved film and empowering them to remain consistent with the law.

ieGeek Security Outdoor Camera 2-Cam Kit 1080P Waterproof Home Security Systems CCTV Camera Systems With Full Aluminum Housing, 25m Night Vision, Motion Detection and Push Alerts for Android/iOS/PC

Product Description
  • 【Camera Housing and Camera Base are made of Aluminum Alloy metal】Aluminum alloy surface is easy to naturally produce a layer of dense and firm AL2O3 protective film, which can protect the inside of the camera well of corrosion. It means that the CCTV camera can work longer. Aluminum alloy is also used in the production of aircraft parts, ship parts and other industrial machinery parts.
  • 【Easy Installation PLUG & PLAY】Outdoor wireless security camera systems supports cable connection, wifi connection, access point connection. Download the “CamHi” or “CamHi pro” app on your smartphone, follow the user manual in Spanish to add the camera and complete the 2.4G Wi-Fi setup in minutes. You can view the camera video remotely in the app anytime, anywhere.
  • 【Night Vision Up to 25M】 ieGeek outdoor security camera systems uses the expensive Hisilicon chip which is the best in image and video clarity and stability. 36 infrared LED lights for clearer night vision. The longest night vision distance can reach 25 meters (82 ft).
  • 【1080P HD Video Resolution and Motion Detection】Security camera outdoor wireless systems support the setting of motion alarms of specific areas and times, adjustable sensitivity. You will receive a real-time motion alert to your mobile phone or send images to email. View from anywhere on a PC, web browsers, and smartphones (iPhone and Android).
  • 【IP66 Waterproof】The outer casing of the outdoor IP camera system is completely made of aluminum alloy and incorporates a power cable of up to 3 meters. The camera is strong and robust to withstand adverse weather conditions. Security cameras support 7/24 loop recording on Micro SD card.

Accessing CCTV Storage

Distributed storage works by using the web to retain all your filmed storage free from any danger across the board place and is an incredibly reasonable help that is both efficient and can likewise be custom fitted as indicated by your necessities.

The date and time are consequently logged, and you are permitted to get to the cloud server to see, forward, rewind, erase, or download the recording whenever you need.

You may effortlessly get to your saved information by signing onto the cloud drive utilizing a technological gadget like a cell phone, tablet, or PC. All you require is strong connectivity to the internet, and you can get to the recording from any place on the planet without question.

You might save the recording however long you require and have it booked to be erased, consequently following a couple of days – ideally 14 to 31 days. Probably the greatest advantage of cloud CCTV stockpiling is that you can get to it whenever and from any place. Likewise, it is better ensured against burglary, fire, harm, and getting lost since it is saved off-site.