For most people nowadays, upgrading to a newer, better smartphone is a yearly endeavour. With the old phone not being of any use, you would probably either sell it or let it lie around the house in a drawer. What if we told you that you could easily set up your old (or new) smartphone as a security camera without spending too much energy, money, or time on doing? Let us dive straight into the process.

Step 1: Installing a Security Camera Application

Pick up your old phone and choose a security camera application to install. There are many good applications that offer a security camera functionality, and some of the most common features on most of them include motion detection alerts, recording and storing footage, Remote and local access, cloud streaming, and local streaming, etc.

Here are some of our best picks for security camera applications:

Alfred Home Security Camera: A free app that offers facial recognition, remote monitoring, and time-lapse recording, along with many other useful features.

WardenCam: It has excellent developer support and provides users with two-way audio support, motion detection and alerts, and Dropbox and Google Drive support. It works on Wi-Fi, 4G, and even 3G.

TrackView: Incorporated with features, such as cloud storage for backup, remote recording, and motion detection, this security camera application has a night vision mode as well.

AtHome Camera: Has all the above-mentioned features and is available for Windows, iOS, and Mac.

IP Webcam: Offers video chat support, motion detection, Dropbox and FTP server support, and live video streaming.

All these applications have friendly user interfaces, and following simple instructions will get your stream up and running without a hassle and in no time.

Step 2: Choosing a Spot

The use you want to put your newly acquired security camera to is at your disposal. You can focus it on a place you think is vulnerable in terms of security, or you can use it as a baby or pet monitor. Make sure the spot allows for conspicuousness if that is a priority to you.

Step 3: Mounting and Powering

All you will need is a suction cup car mount or a small-sized smartphone tripod to mount your smartphone. Make sure to position it near a power source as streaming video requires a lot of power, and you will need to put your smartphone on constant charging. You can use a micro-USB or lightning cable for that purpose, and you are all set.

Installing specialized CCTV equipment in your home can prove to be very expensive, and it requires a specialized pair of hands as well. With this old smartphone as a security camera DIY, you can equip your home with enhanced protection and constant surveillance easily and effectively.

Bonus tips:

  • A smartphone with an ultra-wide-angle camera is a bonus. You can buy a wide-angle lens online as well for as little as $5.
  • You can use multiple smartphones as multiple security cameras, and the above-mentioned applications will let you monitor multiple devices at once on a single projection.