Spiders are a big problem for security cameras. They’re small and hard to see, and they can cover your camera lens or crawl on the inside of your casing and short circuit it. It’s important to know how to stop them before they take over!  In this blog post, we’ll show you 6 easy ways that will keep spiders from covering your CCTV cameras so you don’t have to worry about what might be crawling around in there.

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1. Clean up all the clutter around the house so spiders can’t find a place to hide

This is an important first step, clutter and rubbish has a tendency to attract insects which, subsequently, have a tendency to attract spiders. If there’s no food or shelter, spiders are more likely to look elsewhere, this obviously helps you to ensure your CCTV won’t be covered.

2. Spray your CCTV camera with peppermint oil, which is known for its repelling properties

Spiders, for whatever unknown reason, don’t seem to like peppermint oil. It has been suggested that peppermint oil not only repels spiders, but mosquitoes too. It doesn’t actually harm spiders but they “smell” through their legs and as a result it is theorised that peppermint oil is far too strong for them and can overwhelm their senses.

3. Place spider traps near your CCTV camera

Spider traps are obviously designed with their namesake in mind. They’re very easy to use and will do exactly what you want them to do without fail – kill spiders! You can buy a pack on Amazon for just £7.

Or if you prefer something more natural, mix equal parts of sugar and borax then place some on a small piece of card and tape it under your CCTV camera overnight. The next morning, remove the mixture and discard it somewhere far away from your house

4. Place a cloth drenched in vinegar next to the camera

Since spiders hate vinegar as much as they hate peppermint, placing a cloth drenched in vinegar near your CCTV camera can help it stay free from those pesky eight-legged pests. Plus, even if the spider(s) don’t mind the smell of either peppermint or vinegar (which isn’t likely), what’s one more deterrent? It certainly can’t hurt!

5. Use sticky tape around the rim of your CCTV camera housing

This might be a bit more of a “get your hands dirty” type of solution but using sticky tape or some level of sticky surface will help to stop spiders from getting in front of your CCTV and spinning webs, covering them up.

6. Get rid of any plants or flowers near where you’re installing your CCTV cameras because they attract insects and bugs, which in turn attract more spiders

Spiders are known to appreciate dark, dank areas, full of moisture. If you’re installing your CCTV cameras near plants or flowers, there will always be many insects and bugs around. According to an article on pestworld.org, spiders are “preserved as natural biocontrol agents because they prey upon other unwanted arthropods.”

This might be difficult as a lot of CCTV is installed outside potentially near plants and bushes, this can incentivise spiders to make webs around your CCTV cameras so cutting down the bushes and moving plants is best in this situation. Just make sure when cutting down bushes that may obscure property that you don’t end up filming someone else’s property as that could cause a lot of legal issues.

We all love our houses, but spiders can be a nuisance. They are hard to get rid of and difficult to keep out once they have made their way indoors. But it might take some effort at first, it is worth the end results – no more pesky spider webs or unwanted guests! Have any other tips for keeping them away? Let us know in the comments below!