The Best HD CCVT Cameras

The Best HD CCVT Cameras

Whether it’s your premises or your place of work, one of your top-most priorities should include protecting it by making sure it’s secure. With the rising crime rates, it won’t be a surprise if you find your premises to have been robbed one day. Such burglars can take your personal valuables, giving you instant losses.

Hence, you must get a CCTV camera immediately and monitor your premises even when you’re not there. If you see someone trespassing through video surveillance, you can inform the authorities right away and have them take action against those criminals. To help you a step further, here’s a rundown of the best CCTV camera in the market right now.

1.      Arlo Essential Spotlight Camera

This version from the Arlo series is cheaper than its predecessor – Arlo 3. The Spotlight Camera is, in fact, stand-alone and connects to your Wi-Fi system right away. It also comes with animal detection, two-way communication, night vision, an alarm system, and a built-in spotlight. The Arlo Essential Spotlight Camera is big on battery life, maintaining quite a decent performance throughout the night when it’s recording in high-definition (HD). What makes it an attractive buy is that this CCTV camera model won the Best Smart Security Award, which qualifies it further.

2.      Arlo Pro 3

The Arlo Pro 3 provides great image quality and video recording. This pro version has taken high-definition to a whole other level. Granted, it comes a little costlier than other security cameras; it gives full worth for its money. Also, there’s no price for security and protection, right? The Arlo Pro 3 will secure your premises like no other, giving you, the owner, a strong sense of security as well. The pro model comes with a great video surveillance feature and a very efficient app that you can use to monitor the surveillance.

3.      Ring Stick Up Cam

You know the brand Ring, who makes doorbells? Yeah, they also manufacture security cameras. Thankfully, these products are very affordable to purchase. Whatever you can ask for in a strong and reliable security camera, it has it. The Ring Stick Up Cam has it all, from motion detection to two-way communication to night vision. Also, when it comes to 1080p HD recording, Ring’s got you covered there as well. You can find the recorded footage of your property through the Ring app, which is highly easy to use and professional. Just download the app and monitor your house or office with ease.

4.      EufyCam 2C

Many security cameras in the market would have every amazing feature any house owner could ask for; however, the one thing that can be a little off-putting is the amount you have to pay to access that recorded footage. It’s not fair, we understand. But that isn’t the case with the EufyCam 2C at all. There are absolutely no subscriptions, and you can find great specifications that most CCTC cameras contain, but with a much lesser price. If that doesn’t scream “buy me,” we don’t know what does. The wireless security camera also has a 1080p recording system and great motion sensors.

5.      All-New Blink Outdoor

This security camera has made it to the list of best security cameras because they’re highly easy to install. You don’t have to go through the trouble of calling for professional help. Furthermore, the Blink Outdoor has a very strong battery life, which increases the durability factor. Another reason Blink Outdoor is easy to have around your home because it’s wireless; you can literally stick it anywhere. This CCTV camera also has other features that will serve you well, such as night vision and motion detection. Why it mainly stands out is because it’s waterproof.

6.      Ezviz C3N

With this security camera, you’ll have to have holes drilled in your wall and have it set up. As long as you’re comfortable with that, you’ll be looking at a great security camera system. This CCTV camera is also waterproof and has a long shelf life. The Ezviz C3N also has other excellent features: night vision, person detection (which is a rarity given the price), and crisp image formation. This camera performs well in different types of light, giving the viewer a very clear image of what’s being recorded. Hence, Ezviz C3N is a great buy for enhancing your security.

7.      Reolink RLC-510A

Reolink is a wired camera but still quite easy to install. Not being wireless doesn’t mean its performance is weak and slow. However, one thing to note is that this camera needs to be connected to the Ethernet to perform in all its glory. A feature that makes it a solid investment is that it live streams the recording, which is sent to your phone by connecting it to an IP address. There may be a lot of technical jargon involved, but it can give you a great surveilling system once it’s all set up. Why should you buy it? Oh, because it’s highly affordable for the great traits it has.

8.      Neos SmartCam

The Neos SmartCam provides 90% of what you want from a surveillance camera to ensure your home is protected, yet at under a fourth of the cost of comparative cameras. Therefore, we have put this surveillance camera so high in our rundown. Assuming you’re hesitating about getting a pricier savvy camera, purchasing this security camera as your very first would make for a great investment – for £25, is there any valid reason you wouldn’t get one? Here are the subtleties: it catches 1080p HD film in the day or obscurity via night vision at a quality that is at par with several competitive offerings. The field of view limit is 110 degrees, not exactly the best contenders out there. However, that implies more keen film (with every pixel covering less of the view).

Are There CCTV Cameras in Cinemas?

Are There CCTV Cameras in Cinemas?

A CCTV camera is a very useful tool if you want to protect your property. With the rising rates of thefts and robberies all around the world, installing a CCTV camera has now become a necessity. They tend to alarm you if any outsider is trying to trespass or break-in and enter.

Most of the public places we visit also have multiple CCTV cameras installed. Such places should be monitored at all times, as much of the burglaries mostly take place there. Crowded places like banks, hospitals, cinemas, restaurants, and gyms all have CCTVs installed. You may not have known this, but a place such as a cinema, where everything is black, also has CCTV cameras.

What is CCTV?

A shut circuit-TV, or CCTV, is a video structure that contains intentionally situated camcorders around a space that records film and is then conveyed to show monitor(s) for continuous review and film playback.

Therefore, a CCTV structure implies all points and parts that make up the system, similar to the camera, wiring, video film amassing (through the cloud or programmed video recorder), screens, access control, and general structure support.

You would have to use a CCTV system to assemble the security of your work environment limits and have a perception of key districts at any one time. This would be particularly useful for gigantic premises or one that holds significant equipment, things, or information.

Similarly, as recording video film, a CCTV structure can moreover illuminate you in the event that there is activity or advancement on a particular camera at a particular time. For instance, late around evening, when the business premises are closed, delegates have got back. This notification could show that someone may be about or wanting to break into your site.

Although a CCTV structure can be used to see on-the-spot activity during and out of working hours, it can likewise help recognize required criminals, similarly as go probably as an obstruction to potential intruders.

How does a CCTV Camera Work?

The internal activities of a CCTV camera aren’t the most confounded. On the off chance that you intend to introduce one onto your property, you ought to unquestionably know about how your CCTV camera functions. CCTV accompanies a camera, focal point, and screen.

As a rule, there can be something other than one camera (contingent upon how much clearness and inclusion you need). The manner in which it works is that the camera snaps a grouping of pictures and video, which is then sent through a link wire onto the screen.

The video can give you a look outside your property through your recording framework to see who’s going through your property. Likewise, some CCTV cameras rotate an entire 360 degrees, contingent upon how much reach you need to be covered.

Some CCTV cameras likewise have the component of zooming in and out on a particular article or picture. Notwithstanding, those cameras are pricier. Hence, if you need to install a camera with more features, expect to have a rather flexible budget since they don’t come cheap.

CCTV Cameras in Cinemas

This may come as a shock, but yes, cinemas do have CCTV cameras, multiple ones for that matter. A cinema is a public place, so why wouldn’t there be security cameras? Places that are full of people and can get crowded tend to have surveillance, as public places are the hottest sites for criminals to attack.

Also, it’s important to monitor people’s activities constantly. And if there’s a crime that has been reported at a cinema, authorities can look at the CCTV footage to try and identify the criminals. Hence, CCTV cameras can be of great use in a public place, such as a cinema.

Why Are There CCTV Cameras at a Cinema?

As mentioned above, a CCTV camera’s purpose is to monitor people’s activity. Since cinema halls are completely black, people can use it to their advantage and commit certain crimes. The night vision lens present in CCTV cameras helps monitor activity during a blackout (for example, when a film is playing).

Cinemas are profitable businesses. They screen movies from all around the world and sell snacks and other amenities for their customers to enjoy. However, their snacks can be a bit too pricy, which people are also aware of. So, one of the most common things people do is avoid buying snacks at the cinema and instead sneak in their own snacks into the hall to get out of paying more money.

Outside snacks are not allowed in any cinema because, as mentioned earlier, they’re a business; they’re trying to sell their items to make more money. Hence, CCTV cameras help them track what movie-watchers are sneaking into the hall.

Another reason why cinemas are big on installing CCTV cameras is because of any criminal activity that can happen inside the cinema hall. People engage in illegal transactions, such as smuggling (purchasing or buying) drugs, taking advantage of the darkness. This obviously can’t be done in broad daylight. Hence, people visit cinemas to do so. However, the security camera can be used to track such kind of activity.

How Do CCTV Cameras in Cinemas Work?

One of the main components of CCTV cameras in cinemas should contain a night vision lens. Some CCTVs come without it. Hence, cinema owners need to buy cameras that DO come with a night vision lens. This is because the lack of light makes it difficult for the camera to catch any activity.

Also, the kind of camera used is of great importance as well. There are different types of cameras used for security purposes. For a cinema, a camera that has the zoom-in zoom-out purpose would be highly beneficial. The image needs to be clear, so the activity can be tracked completely. Video recording and image processing using infrared lights are also done through a CCTV camera, whether at the front or back of an audience. This is how CCTV cameras operate in cinemas.

Best Burglar Alarms for Securing Businesses

Best Burglar Alarms for Securing Businesses

Theft has been on the rise in most urban centres, and yet, a lot of companies and corporate offices are not optimally secure. Residential addresses as well, where people know valuables, such as gold and money are kept, are consistently in danger of being robbed. Each day we witness an example of such places being robbed on the news.

Criminals walk away free with people’s assets, and there has to be a way to prevent that. And luckily, there is. Such high-end places can now install burglar alarms to alert the authorities if someone’s trying to trespass their boundary.

The global crime rate is through the roof, which can be decreased if such criminals were caught before they could do their dirty work. And yes, burglar alarm systems can aid greatly in doing so. So, let’s look at a few burglar alarms that work incredibly and prevent a potential robbery.

1.      SimpliSafe

This burglar system makes for a great tool to protect your boundary, and the best part is that it can be easily set up. It’s not a very intricate or complicated system, and the framework is very easy to get around. If you have trouble installing it yourself, you can call for professional installation, which will cost you $79. After you’ve installed SimpliSafe, you can choose between your subscription options; whether you want to go for the free option (it won’t include as many features) or the monthly payment option (which is $14.99). All in all, SimpliSafe gets the job done and helps you stay more protected.

2.      ADT

ADT is doing quite well in the business security market. This burglar system would have to be installed by a professional, but it’s easy to work with overall. ADT comes with your usual motion detector, video surveillance, cybersecurity, and intrusion sensors, along with security cameras. The best part about purchasing ADT for your business is that it comes with a long trial period so that you can be fully satisfied with its overall performance and functioning. More so, customers don’t regret purchasing this security system for their business as it does the job of providing maximum security like nothing else.

3.      Vivint

Another great option to go for is Vivint. This burglar alarm system has cutting-edge technology that makes sure anyone who tries to trespass gets caught immediately. Vivint is especially great for people who want constant video monitoring and recording. Vivint also has apps compatible with both Apple and Android and can help business owners monitor their business premises even when they aren’t physically present there (via the app).

It has an option to record continuously, helping people know what’s going on at their property. Hence, if you’re someone who’s on the go a lot, investing in Vivint would be a good purchase for you.

4.      Frontpoint

If you have a small business, you need protection for, along with your home, Frontpoint is your best bet. This burglar alarm system is highly reasonable to afford and work really well for small to medium-sized businesses. More so, Frontpoint is known for giving the best services to its clients, which they also pride on. It protects the environment and your business by professional monitoring through Z-Wave hubs. What makes Frontpoint so convenient is that you can install the entire system yourself. Frontpoint only has one plan, so you get all the features by paying just $49 a month. Pretty reasonable, we’d say!

5.      Lorex

Lorex is a leading security company in the market for providing the best indoor and outdoor video surveillance service. It is highly useful whether you want to monitor a large parking lot or a small warehouse. It gives its customers an option to buy either just one Lorex camera or if you have more needs, you can also buy a pack that comes with two to thirty-two cameras. Lorex has distinguishing features, like night-vision and vandal-proof. It also comes with security apps that can help you monitor your properties even more. You can even save your recordings and view them later.

6.      Tattletale

As the name suggests, it lets you know who’s trying to cross your boundary instantly. Tattletale is especially great for large premises, including churches, banks, schools, shopping malls, etc. It has a very wide camera range and records video in the distance as well. More so, it’s highly reasonably priced, and you don’t have to worry about calling for professional help to come and install it. The DIY installation makes Tattle very easy to set up and use. A distinctive trait is that it has a heat detector alarm. Whenever the temperature increases more than 194 degrees, its alarms immediately go off.

7.      Vector

Next on the list is Vector. Why should one go for it? Well, specifically because it comes tailored for your needs. Everybody has different priorities regarding their business security plans. Some want a specific area guarded, while others want the whole premises to be monitored thoroughly. Whatever your goal is, Vector comes to better suit your needs. It generally works best for multilocation businesses, for example, restaurants, and hospitals.

Another trait that sets Vector apart from others is that it comes with biometric verification; this will ensure that just anyone won’t be able to change the alarm settings by getting into the framework. It will deny entry to those whose code it doesn’t recognize.


With the crime rate increasing each day, installing a burglar alarm system for your business should be your priority as it has now become a necessity. You can’t just leave your business unprotected as it’s literally an invitation for burglars to break in. if more and more people and businesses take the initiative of installing burglar alarms, criminals would think twice before breaking and entering.

These alarms will also help you identify these burglars if they’ve stolen something. The constant video monitoring and recording lets you know what they took and how they did it. Hence, do give installing a burglar alarm system a thought, and when you do, the products mentioned above will work best for you!

How Long Does CCTV Camera Footage Last

How Long Does CCTV Camera Footage Last

A closed-circuit-television or, most commonly known as CCTV camera, is a tool that’s used to ensure maximum security. They are becoming more and more common with each passing day, as the world is turning into a more revolutionized, technological one.

More so, with the increase in top-notch technology, people are looking at more threats globally. Theft, burglary, and hostage-holding crimes are not so uncommon these days. This is one of the main reasons why the scope of implementing a fully secure CCTV system is growing day by day.

Installing CCTV cameras is a great way to make sure your property is safe and secure. Let’s get into more about how CCTV works and how long does the footage last for.

What is CCTV?

A closed-circuit-television, or CCTV, is a video framework that comprises deliberately positioned camcorders around a space that records film and is then communicated to display monitor(s) for ongoing viewing and film playback.

A CCTV framework subsequently alludes to all angles and parts that make up the framework, like the camera, wiring, video film stockpiling (through the cloud or automatic video recorder), screens, access control, and general framework maintenance.

You would need to utilize a CCTV framework to build the safety of your place-of-work boundaries and have an observation of key regions at any one time. This would be especially helpful for huge premises or one that holds important hardware, items, or data.

Just as recording video film, a CCTV framework can likewise inform you in case there is action or development on a specific camera at a specific time. For example, late at night, when the business premises are shut, and representatives have returned home. This notice could show that somebody might be about or hoping to break into your site.

Although a CCTV framework can be utilized to observe on-location action during and out of working hours, it can also assist with distinguishing needed hoodlums, just to go about as an obstacle to possible interlopers.

How does a CCTV Camera Work?

The inner workings of a CCTV camera aren’t the most complicated. If you’re planning to install one onto your property, you should certainly be aware of how your CCTV camera works. CCTV comes with a camera, lens, and monitor. In most cases, there can be more than just one camera (depending on how much clarity and coverage you want).

The way it works is that the camera snaps a sequence of images and video, which is then transmitted through a cable wire onto the monitor. The video can give you a look outside your property through your recording system to see who’s passing through your property. Also, some CCTV cameras revolve a full 360 degrees, depending on how much range you want to be covered. Some CCTV cameras also have the feature of zooming in and out on a specific object or image. However, those cameras are pricier.

How Long Does CCTV Footage Last For?

Before we talk about how long CCTV footage lasts, we’d like to talk about a concept called Data Protection Act (DPA). This law states that the images and videos recorded by a CCTV camera be kept protected until a certain time period (the time varies according to the situation).

For example, suppose a high-profile crime has been committed, and the police are trying to identify the criminal’s identity. In that case, the data recorded through a CCTV camera is to be kept for 31 days only. On the other hand, when a local burglary has been reported in a small town, the time period changes to 14 days. The smaller the crime, the fewer the days CCTV footage can be kept for.

CCTV footage proves to be highly beneficial, especially when trying to solve a crime. It comes in handy for everyone involved and gives its viewers clear insights into what happened and by whom. The clarity of the camera strictly depends upon its resolution. So, if you think you or your property is threatened, it’s best to purchase a high-resolution CCTV camera to track all activity clearly.

CCTV Storage Options

As indicated by CCTV laws, you should guarantee that the information recorded by the CCTV cameras is put away safely and must be got to by an approved faculty. You really want to search for capacity choices that can oblige the measure of information being saved without physically erasing the earlier day’s recording to account for additional, protected from being taken, hacked, and abused.

CCTV camera clients choose to put away the film on the cloud or utilize neighbourhood stockpiling, for example, a memory card set inside the camera or a different hard drive. CCTV distributed storage gives CCTV clients an assortment of capacity choices, improving the most common way of recovering the saved film and empowering them to remain consistent with the law.

Accessing CCTV Storage

Distributed storage works by using the web to retain all your filmed storage free from any danger across the board place and is an incredibly reasonable help that is both efficient and can likewise be custom fitted as indicated by your necessities. The date and time are consequently logged, and you are permitted to get to the cloud server to see, forward, rewind, erase, or download the recording whenever you need.

You may effortlessly get to your saved information by signing onto the cloud drive utilizing a technological gadget like a cell phone, tablet, or PC. All you require is strong connectivity to the internet, and you can get to the recording from any place on the planet without question. You might save the recording however long you require and have it booked to be erased, consequently following a couple of days – ideally 14 to 31 days. Probably the greatest advantage of cloud CCTV stockpiling is that you can get to it whenever and from any place. Likewise, it is better ensured against burglary, fire, harm, and getting lost since it is saved off-site.

How to use a Smartphone as a Security Camera

How to use a Smartphone as a Security Camera

For most people nowadays, upgrading to a newer, better smartphone is a yearly endeavour. With the old phone not being of any use, you would probably either sell it or let it lie around the house in a drawer. What if we told you that you could easily set up your old (or new) smartphone as a security camera without spending too much energy, money, or time on doing? Let us dive straight into the process.

Step 1: Installing a Security Camera Application

Pick up your old phone and choose a security camera application to install. There are many good applications that offer a security camera functionality, and some of the most common features on most of them include motion detection alerts, recording and storing footage, Remote and local access, cloud streaming, and local streaming, etc.

Here are some of our best picks for security camera applications:

Alfred Home Security Camera: A free app that offers facial recognition, remote monitoring, and time-lapse recording, along with many other useful features.

WardenCam: It has excellent developer support and provides users with two-way audio support, motion detection and alerts, and Dropbox and Google Drive support. It works on Wi-Fi, 4G, and even 3G.

TrackView: Incorporated with features, such as cloud storage for backup, remote recording, and motion detection, this security camera application has a night vision mode as well.

AtHome Camera: Has all the above-mentioned features and is available for Windows, iOS, and Mac.

IP Webcam: Offers video chat support, motion detection, Dropbox and FTP server support, and live video streaming.

All these applications have friendly user interfaces, and following simple instructions will get your stream up and running without a hassle and in no time.

Step 2: Choosing a Spot

The use you want to put your newly acquired security camera to is at your disposal. You can focus it on a place you think is vulnerable in terms of security, or you can use it as a baby or pet monitor. Make sure the spot allows for conspicuousness if that is a priority to you.

Step 3: Mounting and Powering

All you will need is a suction cup car mount or a small-sized smartphone tripod to mount your smartphone. Make sure to position it near a power source as streaming video requires a lot of power, and you will need to put your smartphone on constant charging. You can use a micro-USB or lightning cable for that purpose, and you are all set.

Installing specialized CCTV equipment in your home can prove to be very expensive, and it requires a specialized pair of hands as well. With this old smartphone as a security camera DIY, you can equip your home with enhanced protection and constant surveillance easily and effectively.

Bonus tips:

  • A smartphone with an ultra-wide-angle camera is a bonus. You can buy a wide-angle lens online as well for as little as $5.
  • You can use multiple smartphones as multiple security cameras, and the above-mentioned applications will let you monitor multiple devices at once on a single projection.





Should you get a burglar alarm?

Should you get a burglar alarm?

Having an alarm system installed in your home can be expensive, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth the cost. However, burglary is still a very real threat to homes everywhere.

So what do you do?

Is it really worth it or should you abandon your dreams of having a burglar alarm at all?

It’s easy to see why many would shy away from burglar alarms. It can be very expensive to have one installed, not to mention the monthly fees that are sure to follow for monitoring services.

Then there are the various sensors that have to be purchased or rented along with the control panels required for their installation.

There are also false alarms that may occur, causing damage to your home security reputation and annoying all of your neighbors in the process.

Even if you do get an alarm installed, it is useless unless it is properly maintained at all times; this means making sure all its batteries are fresh and replacing them when necessary (which can cost quite a bit more).

However, despite how highly inconvenient some people find burglar alarms, they actually do provide a significant enough extra layer of safety and security to make them worthwhile.

If you do decide to get one, it’s important to take some basic precautions before you install it so that you can keep your installation as effective as possible.

First, find out if the alarm installation is covered by homeowner’s insurance.

Once a burglar has broken into your home, they have technically committed a crime, even if they have not stolen anything yet.

This means that if the police are notified about an “in progress” burglary at your address and respond promptly, all of their expenses for responding to the call will likely be covered by homeowner’s insurance.

In addition to this added bonus for installing a burglar alarm system at your residence, many companies now offer customer discounts for people who have a security system installed.

Second, you should always consider the price of your alarm system as well as the frequency of false alarms.

Many homes now also include fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors as part of the package when they install a burglar alarm at their home.

These added features can significantly increase the cost to monitor your residence with an alarm system.

However, if you live in an area that is prone to fires or indoor accidents related to gas leaks then this added expense may be short term pain for long term gain.

Although there are many reasons why you should get a burglar alarm for your home, there are some instances where installing such equipment might not be ideal.

If you live in a house with small children then this added feature might not be desirable as your child is likely going to activate the alarm at least once.

Although most systems these days have features that will silence the alarm if it is accidentally triggered, this first time activation can still be costly and annoying.

Another instance where a burglar alarm may not be ideal would include a home located on some sort of barrier island or another location that leaves windows accessible from ground level.

In such cases, installing an alarm system could potentially harm the resale value of your property as someone searching for a new residence may pass up your property because it has security system equipment attached.

Although a well-constructed security system can be an excellent line of defense against home invaders, the addition of such equipment should not automatically make you feel safe and secure.

It’s important to note that even though your alarm is turned on and functioning properly (and assuming it has been installed by a reputable company), this does not mean someone won’t be able to break in and steal your belongings if they want them badly enough.

As with many other things in life, having a burglar alarm is not a “no-brainer.”

Depending on your individual circumstances (such as how much stuff you have that people might want to steal, how accessible your windows are, what kind of neighborhood you live in) you should make the decision to purchase one of your own volition. Just keep in mind a few of the points in this article however, and you should be fine.

How To Keep Wasps Away From Security Cameras

How To Keep Wasps Away From Security Cameras

Wasps along with spiders can be a nuisance when it comes to security cameras and CCTV systems, they have a habit of making nests and messes in and around these devices.

Well in this article we are going to go over 5 ways to stop wasps in their tracks and keep your security cameras in tip-top shape

Day Night CCTV Cameras

Apply lubricant to the camera to make it difficult for wasps to land

Wasps will typically fly around until they can find a surface they can rest on, when it comes to security cameras typically being in remote corners of a given room or place, they will attempt to land on this. 

Making sure the outer shell of your security camera is a slick surface will prevent any wasps or other flying insects for that matter from landing on it.

Peppermint Oil

Use fresh mint or peppermint oil to deter wasps

Wasps and other insects are very sensitive to smells, especially strong ones and as a result, it has been shown that peppermint oil or fresh mint has a deterring effect against the bugs.

There are several advantages to coating your cameras in this oil, for one it smells very pleasant to most people and for two it is capable of preventing all sorts of insects from coming anywhere near the camera.

Sugar Water Trap

Use sugar and water traps

Whilst a little more extreme, using a solution of sugar water in an open bottle of water will entice the wasps to come in and become entrapped within the vessel.

This is for when you find a few too many wasps around the area, just be careful when emptying the container as any live wasps might still be capable of flying around and stinging you.

WD 40

Use WD-40 on the security cameras

Whilst this might sound similar to the lubricant idea, WD-40 is actually used to kill wasps instead of just making it harder for them to land on your cameras.

Spraying the solution anywhere you believe wasps might be nesting around the camera will help to prevent them from settling near and force them to move away.

Soap and Water

Use soap and water

Another way to kill wasps more efficiently is through the use of a spray bottle with soap and water in it. This is due to wasps emitting a scent when they die which alerts other wasps to their presence and may cause a stir.

With this method however, the soap clings to them and blocks their spiracles so they can’t breathe, making it so when they die they won’t be able to send off this signal and warn other wasps.

How to prevent security cameras from being stolen

How to prevent security cameras from being stolen

It’s an issue that oftentimes isn’t given the attention it deserves but when fitting security cameras you have to make sure they aren’t going to get stolen.

There are a couple of ways to do this we have gone into below, for the most part, you should be fine with a bit of common sense and some critical thinking. However, depending on where you are in the world and what the crime is like in your area, it might be prudent to spend a bit of extra time securing your devices as best as possible.

Preventing CCTV cameras from being stolen

In order to prevent security cameras from being stolen, you need to be very aware of the risks to your device when placing it around your house or business.

There are many ways that thieves can get their hands on these devices, and once they do, they’ll use them for criminal purposes.

This is why you should take steps in advance so that if a thief does steal it then there will be no footage available for them.

1. Use security screws on the camera so that it cannot be stolen with a screwdriver

2. Don’t leave any cords or cables laying around where they could easily be stolen. You can use twist ties to bind them together and ensure nothing is left out in the open for thieves to take. This will also decrease your chances of tripping over them and breaking the camera

3. Put your cameras in inconspicuous locations so they don’t stand out or look like a target for theft. Don’t place them directly outside of your home, as thieves know that is where security devices are usually located

Digital CCTV Cameras

You should also invest in a top of the line alarm system for your house if you don’t already have one installed. Alarms are very important since they can alert authorities to any security breaches or just let you know if someone is in your building

Keep in mind that some cameras are easier to take down than others. If you are planning on placing your camera outside, consider the weather in that area before buying anything

You can also use a hidden security camera to monitor what goes on in private areas without raising any flags or suspicion since these cameras can resemble something like an air purifier unit.

Ensuring you have a cloud storage backup of all footage is also very important, if your camera ever is stolen, you will still have access to the footage and may be able to respond in time.

Especially as a lot of cameras use motion sensors so you would be notified once the camera moves that it has been taken.

Purchasing an anti-theft CCTV camera can be very effective, with a lot of companies developing more and more solutions to prevent CCTV theft.

These cameras often times come with a stainless steel chain attached to the wall where the camera is mounted. They also tend to have an alarm system which means whenever the camera is removed from the wall, a loud siren plays.

Depending on whether you bought a smart camera or not, you can also get notified whenever there is any motion detected by the camera.

You can also cross the view with another camera, having two or more cameras all with eyes on each other helps to keep your place safe whilst also immediately showing if your camera is being taken.

This can be a very effective strategy when the ideal location for your camera is one that is out and easy to see. In this case, hiding another one with a view of the 1st allows you to keep an eye on it just in case of any issues

SimpliSafe 13 Piece Wireless Security System Review

SimpliSafe 13 Piece Wireless Security System Review

SimpliSafe 13-Piece Security System Review

SimpliSafe 13-Piece Product Review

Our Verdict – ⭐⭐⭐⭐

The SimpliSafe 13-piece security system is a system capable of bringing a lot of security features to your home or office… If you are willing to pay the monthly fee.

SimpliSafe is a trusted provider of security systems and they have often been top dog when it comes to their products, this is no different with a lot of value to those looking to really secure their home 

The SimpliSafe 13-Piece security system is an all in one burglar alarm plus camera security system for installation at homes and businesses. In relation to how much burglar alarms typically are, you can expect to be paying a pretty penny for this kit, for the price though you do get 13 individual components of an all in one security system.

Whilst this is definitely an extensive kit, does it offer the security and level of peace of mind that it promises, read on to find out exactly what we thought about this piece of kit.

Specifications and Features

  • Base Station
  • Keypad
  • SimpliCam
  • 3 Entry Sensors
  • 2 Motion Sensors
  • Glass Break Sensor
  • 105db Wireless Siren
  • Panic Button
  • 2 Key Fobs
  • Easy DIY Installation (no drilling!)
  • Pet friendly
  • 4G data backup
  • Optional 24/7 monitoring
  • Easy integration of extra components

SimpliSafe has long been the top dog when it comes to supplying security alarms and other security products, they have a wide range available on their website. Taking a look online, we can see the amazon reviews for this product come to a 4.2 stars out of 5, not bad but where do the strengths with this product lie.

Well, for the price you are certainly getting a lot, as listed above all of the components of the system are easy to install and operate with fairly minimal setup time or effort. We did have a few issues trying to get the base station to connect to each component initially but this turned out to be a wifi issue so can’t slight it in this regard.

SimpliSafe Product Review Image

The SimpliSafe base reminds us of Amazon’s Alexa and looks very sleek


All of the devices in the SimpliSafe pack are able to seamlessly connect to one another through the base station, this also houses a 95db siren in case of any issues where an alarm needs to go off. This isn’t the only alarm in the pack but it is useful when a signal is sent to the station to have it ring off on its own in case of any kind of disruption to the burglar alarms elsewhere.

Through our testing we didn’t notice any sudden drops in connection, it seemed pretty consistent all throughout, whilst it is difficult to test 100% of the time whether everything is connected, at least for us it worked well. We didn’t find a limit to how many different devices you can connect to the base station as all the devices in the pack were pre-paired but presumably you could add more if you wanted.


Monthly subscription

Now this is where the package let us down somewhat, there is a monthly fee you pretty much have to pay in order to access all the features of your devices. Without the monthly subscription you might as well have just bought a few alarm sirens, however with it you have access to a lot more features.

SimpliSafe Pro and Premium Packages

The two on offer here are the pro and pro premium for £12.99 and £19.99 per month respectively. Realistically you are going to want to go for the pro premium option, whilst you are able to get away with the pro version, the premium offers police dispatch, arming from your phone and unlimited camera recording.

It feels a little cheap of SimpliSafe to charge a hefty chunk right out the box and then again every month for the smart features that should realistically come with the base devices. Things like the police dispatch are understandable to have on a subscription but unlimited camera recording should be by default when you purchase the product.

If you do get the pro premium however you do have full control of the security of your home from anywhere so you do get a good deal, with instant alerts from an app, seeing the status of all your sensors and anything else, there is a lot you get in the package.


All in all we didn’t find any issues when it came to our testing of the product, we enjoyed a pretty smooth system installation and whilst disappointed by the monthly subscription, it undeniably does what it says on the tin.

We didn’t have any issues with sensors going off so can’t verify the claims about the calls from Securitas but it can be assumed that this works just as well and reading online reviews it seems to back this up.


The burglar alarm system industry is a competitive one and SimpliSafe definitely has some quality alternatives, but how does this particular system stack up to the other options? Well, according to, the two biggest alternatives to SimpliSafe are Frontpoint and ADT, both offering their own wireless security systems in their own rights.

Frontpoint offers more features than SimpliSafe, with differing options for indoor and outdoor video monitoring, whilst both companies produce high quality products, SimpliSafe is definitely the better option for the more budget conscious consumer. This is due to Frontpoint’s monthly subscription costs, the extra features you derive from their products bring a much higher monthly cost that isn’t necessary at all.

With respect to ADT, they are one of, if not the biggest name in security products, with their famous blue signs being found all over the place, they offer some seriously quality security products. They also boast a higher price tag, if you are looking for a more premium security offering and aren’t so much worried about the price, we would definitely recommend taking a look at their site for more details around this.


We are very pleasantly surprised by this set of products, smart homes are becoming more prevalent these days and so adding to these with an all in one smart security system is a logical step. This is definitely a product for people who just want a one time setup of a reliable system which covers most aspects of house security, not having to rely on multiple different alarms and alerts.

Review for: SimpliSafe 13-Piece

Use: All in one smart security system for smart homes


Ease of use


Extremely easy to setup and use out of the box, all pre-paired which is a bonus




The initial cost is alright but let down by how you have to pay a monthly fee.




Tons of really useful features which are sadly locked behind a paywall

We liked

Easy setup

Comprehensive kit

No downtime

We didn’t like

🚩 Monthly subscription


This is a set of products that is absolutely worth it for those interested in establishing or bolstering their smart home with premium, quality security products able to be controlled all from your phone.

QVIS P400 CCTV Camera Review

QVIS P400 CCTV Camera Review

QVIS P400 Product Review

QVIS P400 Product Review

Our Verdict – ⭐⭐⭐⭐

The QVIS P400 CCTV Camera is a budget CCTV camera that can really help to bolster an already fairly robust CCTV system.

This also works as a standalone CCTV camera for those interested in starting off their system, with it being fairly easy to install and having an attractive price tag however, you can only expect so much. 

The QVIS P400 is an excellent camera for the price. The image clarity and resolution are superb, and the night vision capability is impressive.

There are many different features that make this camera a cut above the rest, so I encourage you to read on if you’re considering purchasing one!

Specifications and Features

  • 1080P Video Output
  • Day & Night
  • Digital Wide Dynamic Range
  • 3D Dynamic Noise Reduction
  • Motion Detection
  • Privacy Masking
  • 1/2.9” 2.4Megapixel sensor
  • 2.8-12mm Varifocal Lens
  • IR Leds: 48pcs
  • IR Range: 40-50m
  • Power supply: 12VDC
  • Resolution: 2.4MP/1080P
  • IP rating: IP66 Dust and Waterproof
  • Model: Q-P400-VG

The p400 QVIS is an outdoor surveillance camera that can record at night thanks to infrared lights around the lens, making it perfect for anybody who needs security footage of their premises after dark.

This smart-looking unit comes with a 4mm metal casing and a vandal-proof design, meaning it will be able to take a few blows from vandals trying to take it down without the risk of internal components being damaged or broken.

The included mount makes positioning easy and you won’t have any problems fixing this into place using standard tools, making installation quick and simple!

In addition, if you were ever in a situation where your device was stolen, there’s no need to worry as the product doesn’t house the recordings on the camera itself but instead, on the DVR you connect it to.



The resolution of this camera is a standard 1080p at 2.4mp, which is fairly common in this price range. This does mean you can watch your recorded footage on a large screen TV or monitor without it looking pixilated or blurry though which is a bonus.

The image quality is very good as well, with the ability to see objects clearly from far distances. Sometimes when the night vision effect increases too much, the picture becomes grainy and hard to distinguish lines and shapes near the end of the night vision range (in my experience).

That wasn’t a massive issue with this camera and I could make out details and colours fairly accurately. I had my doubts about the infrared night vision because I thought it would be rubbish, but it actually produced very clear footage.


Motion Sensor

The camera is quick at picking up movement. You can have this set to start recording when an object moves inside its field of view, or you can have the camera set to begin recording when it notices a change in lighting in that area which is great for saving memory.

Unfortunately, there’s no option for choosing what type of motion will trigger the recording so if something small like a fly goes wandering past, you might end up with it being recorded. This is only a problem though if you are using the ‘motion detected’ mode instead of ‘schedule’.



The camera does have a 2.8-12mm Varifocal lens which means it can record at a wider angle or zoom in to see more detail.

This is really helpful for getting the right recording without having to worry about the lens being fixed with only one setting. It has an IR range of 50 meters, which makes it possible for you to view an area with this camera even in low light conditions, but if your goal is seeing things clearly then I recommend using this during the day or perhaps bringing some additional lights closer so that you’ll be able to pick up more details at night.



When you set up your camera you will be able to see it with an app on your smartphone. The QVIS camera is not WiFi enabled so you will need to use the cable in order to connect it,  however, if you are using this outside then this might not be possible. You can however turn off the recording function when you want to detach the camera, making it easy for you to take down whenever needed.

The camera’s main objective is security and not motion detection, so what I found works best is setting up a schedule instead of motion detection since there isn’t really any customization available for the latter option. This way you wouldn’t waste battery power by recording things that aren’t necessary or send unnecessary alerts for objects that don’t need your direct attention. Just be careful where you point the camera as you can be liable to data protection laws if you are capturing footage of people or property you don’t have explicit consent from

If you’ve been considering a CCTV camera for your home or business, we would recommend the QVIS P400. It offers great features and is very versatile which means that it will be useful in most situations. The price point is also competitive with other similar models on the market so it won’t break the bank to purchase one of these cameras. Let me know if you have any experience with this model or other brands!

Review for: QVIS P400 CCTV Camera

Use: Outdoor surveillance in harsh weather conditions


Ease of use


The camera has a really easy setup process which makes getting into it very convenient




The price is very reasonable considering what you are getting for it




Somewhat lacking but useful as an addition to your CCTV system

We liked

Varifocal Lens

Easy setup

Quality material

We didn’t like

🚩 No WiFi

🚩 Lack of features


If you’ve been considering a CCTV camera for your home or business, we would recommend the QVIS P400. It offers great features and is very versatile which means that it will be useful in most situations. The price point is also competitive with other similar models on the market so it won’t break the bank to purchase one of these cameras.